040320 - Dreaming on

A broken night due to painful intestine, allergies and the fact I can only sleep straight on my back without moving an inch of my body. It's getting harder to eat. Might be it's the water from the well. We have a lack of water and it's smelly. We do boil it but still. I think we go out tomorrow to find some water. Hopefully, the city tap is open.

I believe it's time to mow again but today we went for a walk and the bus-kid fixed the drain of the bathroom's sink.
It was good to be outside for a while to warm up.

I had some weird dreams last night.
I went on a journey and should meet with my children or pick them up. I could not for some kind of reason and ended somewhere in the world I have never been or recognized. I searched for a way to get out of there and was worried about the children. There was no way to reach them.
A huge guy met me on the streets and took me to a place and told a lady to give me a hand. She had to cut my hair. He said only a few millimeters. She said she needed to wash it first. He left and she left later as well. My hair wasn't done at all. There were more people around but since no one came back for me I left too.

What is the point waiting for someone if they leave? It's better to find your own way.

I woke up, cold, allergies, nose closed again. I have to lay on my back stretched out not turn my head or body an inch or it starts again...
After I fell asleep my dream kind of continued or I made it fit in.

I walked on the streets and tried to figure out where I was and how I could go back to my own country, my kids. I had no money (?), no phone so I couldn't reach them. I arrived at a large square which turned out to be a bus station. I asked a lady and she said it was possible to travel by bus since she once did and traveled to Eindhoven. I didn't need to be at that place but I figured out it was at least in the Netherlands. I asked where the bus was, searched for it... People passed by and I asked someone else. It was a friendly guy he said I could and stood in a row with me to buy a ticket. He told me they call it a draw... ticket I had to ask for it. I didn't understand what he meant and he pointed at a counter where rows of little glass boxes were placed we use at a snack bar (we call it "eating out of the wall". You throw your payment into it and pull a window open and take the snack of your choice out of it)
We kept chatting and I asked him if he went to the Netherlands frequently. He said he only had done it once. He moved to this place and loved it. His face shone as he spoke. He looked so happy.

As I woke up I thought about the huge guy, a giant, (I didn't even reach his armpit) and the fact I asked two people in a different part of the world who both spoke Dutch.
How to get home to my kids?
I believe somehow I managed, once back they were home. They didn't wait for me at the airport and did ask me anything or missed me either.

What did I eat?
Some kind of cereals twice and some macaroni with the best, spicy pesto so far.

Jpay answered
The app has bugs the only way to buy stamps was by using their site. Annoying I needed to buy 15. I do not need 15, 5 would be enough. My last inmate will leave prison within 4 weeks time. From one lockdown to the next.

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