032220 - Birthday girl

It was another busy day from the moment I woke up.
Most of my dizzyness was gone. Well, I stayed in bed for 12 hours that should do something.

The first thing I did was congratulate my friend with her daughter's birthday.
She usually has many guests and this time it is just a friend sleeping over. I asked her if she's still visiting her parents but she said she put the shoppings outside. Her mother already has pneumonia like every year and is a heavy smoker and her father has cancer, chemo etc. Both stay home the hospital has no room for them.

Next I spoke to my daughter.
She's still jobless and her employer does not pay. She's partly annoyed because she do not take her but sees the same ad for employees on their site again one week later. I asked her to check her unpaid bills. Might be others will be helped out but we belong to the group of people who receive a bill of 35 euro administrative costs over an amount of 7 euro.
I sent her money and told her to pay the phone bill (last one it's canceled) and taxes now.
Let's hope I have enough left to pay the rent.

We stayed home and have no problem with doing so.
My children are always busy. They read, write, drawn,watch films and play games.

The bus-kid wanted to bake a banana and chocolate cake. It keeps asking me if it will taste. I have no idea so allowed baking a small one. The time of pancakes came to an end. I couldn't find flour so we have to manage with what is left. In four days its it's birthday. We agreed it will bake it's own cake. Lucky me.

It didn't rain. The strong wind blew the dark clouds away.
I ended my day watching two more episodes of "I am a killer".

Since March 18 China started life/economy again.
This means it takes about 10-12 weeks to get over it. Let's see how long the rest of the world needs.

Published today (Sunday, March 23, 2020)

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    It didn't rain. The strong wind blew the dark clouds away.
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Posted with Appics and edited with Palnet.
I couldn't help I had a good laugh as I read this article and somehow it felt as a relief people are not that scared at all and still enjoy life.
It's kind of strange to see how different the same post looks on the different sites. I posted with Appics and used the tafs #palnet #neoxian and #marlians

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Published yesterday (Saturday, March 21, 2020)

Yesterday's day filled with allergies and good for a beer.

Anyone can join and you can write in your own language. The theme is: a brand new start.

Coronavirus or not we have to live.

Congratulations @sacra97 you won. You and all participants received something in your wallet for participating.

I am not ready for a big jump into. Too much confusion and struggle to find my way.

Some posts don't show up where they should be, other are there suddenly three times. What a mess.

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23.03.2020 12:53

@wakeupkitty, Share my Greetings and Best Wishes with Birthday ūüéā Girl. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

23.03.2020 13:27

Agradecida con tu felicitaci√≥n. Debe ser muy duro pasar un cumplea√Īos as√≠, la verdad es que la tiene dif√≠cil. @wakeupkitty

Thankful for your congratulations. It must be very hard to spend a birthday like that, the truth is that it has the difficult one. @wakeupkitty

23.03.2020 14:14