031320 - The latest news - schools closed

Friday 13th, 2020

We are surrounded by lockdowns, people are advised to work at home, not to take public transport. If you take the bus you have to get in at the backdoor. You are not allowed to come close to the driver or touch anyone.

The restaurants are complaining because people cancel. Their organization says it's no problem to go out and have fun since people visit the supermarkets too.

Mr. Rutte says people should not buy more as usual. I do not agree with him. The whole idea about a lockdown, home quarantine is to stay home. You cannot go out shopping which means you need to have extra to survive these weeks. Not two but more since you can get ill after two weeks of quarantine.

My daughter stays home.
Her employer does not pay and she hopes for a job without traveling up and down. She already did her shopping.

The mystery of the flour is solved.
As I visited the shop a pallet filled with flour was taken out by an employer for one lady. I guess she has a restaurant or bakery? Kind of anti-social behavior.
The amount of flour is at least 600 pounds! My daughter said at her shop it's not allowed to buy more like a certain amount.

The shops are filled except for flour and oil.

I gave the bike's new tire a try.
The bus-kid gave a hand. We managed but the inner tube had two holes. We needed to remove it again. We found the kit to repair it but it's a struggle to pull the tire around the wheel. We gave up on it for today.

I picked up the youngest out of school.
A strong wind came up.
The latest news is the schools are closed. Online lessons are planned. I will see if I can.pick up my bike after the weekend.

How was your Friday?

Published today (March, Friday 13, 2020)

Published today (Thursday, March 12, 2020)

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Thank you for the tip @davidke20. 💕

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14.03.2020 05:09

Thank you.

14.03.2020 05:11

I guess you guys are having it hard over there too. you are always prepare, just in case something like that happen to us too I better start preparing to.

by school close, do you mean all school are close there?

14.03.2020 05:16

I am in California, USA and ALL schools in my county are closed.

Not surprised it is happening in other parts of the world.

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

14.03.2020 05:46

I see. I suppose it will be safer that way. I hope this won't be like in the zombies movies. Hopefully it will be resolved soon too. Thanks for the information. This is one more of this platform good things about. We share information worldwide in our own words.

14.03.2020 06:20

They should have done this way earlier the same with closing the borders but Turkey still dumps emigrants over the border to Greece. They cannot take in more people. Before Italy was the gate to Europe and exactly in that country it started and spread fast. I cannot help thinking this is no coincidence.

See you have food and what you need for three weeks 1-2 meals a day and avoid contact with people as much as possible. This is the only way to beat this. Take care, both of you. 💕

14.03.2020 06:55

I don't think I can avoid much for I'm working in a hospital. We'll start to stock up food before things get worst. It's better early than late.

14.03.2020 07:31

Not all the schools, the teachers are very. Many are ill so do children and school is not meant to be the babysitter so parents can work. They work on online programs but examines will be at the start of May. I doubt much can be taught in the next weeks since there are holidays too (two weeks before Eastern).

14.03.2020 06:51

I see. Ours here are still going on as usual.

14.03.2020 09:28

Four and oil huh? Here it is toilet paper and water, canned foods and frozen foods.

Oh, and Alcohol. The sanitizing type, still plenty of the drinking type.

My friday was great as I had already done my shopping since last week BEFORE people here started panic buying. I did have to venture out to buy "feminine products" which I didn't think of cause I haven't needed for them for seven months.

I almost bought diapers and then stopped myself. My babe won't be born until May and if stocks aren't restocked by then, than cloth diapers it will be. No need to panic buy, people who have babies right now should be the ones who get the opportunity to buy them. But they were scarce...

I have had the kids home since Wednesday, glad schools finally closed. They WILL be open for breakfast and lunch though, anyone under 18 can go and eat - but the meals will be "to go" as we cannot gather in groups...

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

14.03.2020 05:44

No one here I saw shop driven by panic. They didn't buy more as usually neither did I except for two toast reads because they were on sale.
The shops are filled even better as before. The flour and oil are not bought by the customers but more likely just one person. As I went to the shop yesterday I saw an employee take out a whole pallet with flour at least 600 pounds but my kid thinks closer to 1400 pounds taken out for one customer. Perhaps a bakery or pizza restaurant I don't know but I find this a bad thing about the shop too. You can limit what people buy. Some shops do. The other supermarket had no flour either but oil. The expensive one only but they always do that.

Last night the news came to my kid's school closed from Monday on. April 3 the holidays will start so I assume after Eastern we know more.

Stay safe and take good care of yourself, I always used cotton diapers it works fine. 💕

14.03.2020 06:43

lots of panic buying here. It feels weird...

14.03.2020 06:46

Here also Goverment send the advisory to stay away from gathering and avoid Cinema and malls.
I think this is right action to prevent the spread of virus...

14.03.2020 06:48

I agree with you. They also advice to stay away from elderly people and not let them take care of your children. 70+ year old will no longer taken to hospital. Interesting if you consider the fact the Dutch government wants everyone to work till the age of 72, no matter at what age you started, before you can retire. 70+ is seen as old and uses a if it comes to health and can die but you are good enough to work till 72... Somehow that doesn't make sense.

I hope you all stay safe and the virus will be beaten soon. 💕

14.03.2020 12:08

Por fin nuestro presidente hizo medidas en el país. No tomó en serio la propagación del virus. Ya llegó a Venezuela. Nada de reuniones, nada de colegios y universidades. Nada de deportes y para de contar. Que Dios nos ampare.

14.03.2020 09:17

Nuestro presidente tampoco lo tomó en serio. Todavía dice que la escuela tiene que continuar. Reuniones con 100 personas o menos está bien. Las personas mayores de 70 años no irán al hospital. Él le dice que no compre comida extra, ¡pero salir es un riesgo! Necesita más y permanecer en casa durante al menos 2-3 semanas. Manténgase seguro y en casa y no toque a las personas. Si todos hacemos esto durante algunas semanas, podríamos vencerlo. Bendiciones para ti. 💕

14.03.2020 12:16