031120 - Let's mom pay for it

It's Wednesday.

As I woke up I thought it was Saturday. I turned around to have some extra sleep. What a disappointment I had to get out and it rained too.

Twice today I spent waiting in the car.
About one hour till the youngest could enter the school at 7 am and the second time was after I picked up the youngest and we waited for the bus-kid.
We needed to kill about 1.5 hours.
I took some Dr. Oetker "porridge" with me for the kid plus a beker tea.
I wrote a bit, asked my daughter about her weird tax letters and she contacted them by Facebook... facebook?) and watched the next episode of "Black mirror" named "Arkangel".
You can see what happens if you give your child a chip, watch her with your laptop even give her a blurry vision if the cortisol level changes and you see what she sees.
No, the child is not grateful.

I talked to my daughter again (no power in the whole area) and to my friend (more pain plus stress because her daughter wants to get married with a jobless boy and gets stress because she has to provide in not only their income but pay for everything, the wedding, too. Both moms have no money. I know it's not quite the way it is and my friend and the siblings paid for the wedding dress etc. what gives her stress. I know the daughter too since a young age her behavior, drama's and by now she visits a shrink. The friend (Dutch) will move this weekend to Belgium (still lives with his mom) where they live too to find a job because he cannot find one in Rotterdam.

Saving first before getting married is clearly no longer done. It's easier to make your mother pay like she always did. Make her bleed and pay and feel miserable.

My friend hopes for a lockdown she could use some and so do I.

Published today (Wednesday, March 11, 2020)

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