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I cannot remember why I left my bed.

I believe I woke up because my feet and knee hurt. Earlier my throat did. Half of it felt so dry I had a huge problem to swallow. Perhaps it is time for more omega 7 and the rest of the omega family?

Around eleven I started answering replies with help of Steemreply.
It cost me a lot (17 euros). I had to use credit calling to have a bit better internet connection and kept switching between the two providers. Steemreply kicked me out several times. It does after a certain time. The only way to use it again is using it anonymously which means I can sign in again. By now it's 4:25 pm and I commented for over 4 hours. I have still 120 replies left. I am sorry if you have to wait for an answer.
Daily I try to use the esteem app twice and try to comment on the few replies it shows but apparently, it's not enough. I need to figure out something else.

I scheduled my new contest yesterday with Steempeak and did the same this morning with the announcement of the winners. This way I create more time.

The sun shone for a while what a luck. The laundry hung inside went outside by and is dry.

The wolves had their bones and tomorrow I'll cut the hearts I bought.
Five wolves ate today for a total of 75 euro cents.

Our dinner
Tomatoes/curry sauce: 0
Minced meat: 0.65
Couscous: 0.60
Total: 1.25/3 persons
The wolves won.

I spent some time at a Dutch platform. I might write something tomorrow.


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Thank you for the up vote/resteeming. A great Sunday to you. 💕

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Eres una persona muy talentosa y luchadora. Feliz día mi querida y apreciada @wakeupkitty.

08.03.2020 23:41

You are welcome. May it bring you luck, lots or loads of luck. I wish you a great day. Hugs. 💕

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