030620 - Friday's things to do

After one day and night without rain the land road looks surprisingly good.

Right after I drove twice up and down to take the children to school it started raining again. It's amazing how much rain can fall within a short time.

The car's engine makes a strange sound.
I hope it's just mud.

These tomatoes are 5 years old. I saved them in vinegar with garlic and some herbs. I cook them first next I use a sieve to remove skin and seeds.

I started making a sauce out of my five-year-old tomatoes.
A part I already used. I'll finish it later (tomorrow). I don't think we'll eat it today.

At 1:30 pm the land road was worse as the day before yesterday.
I believe most neighbors stay at home. It's no fun driving this way.
After I picked up the youngest I paid the road tax and internet bill. We had some time to kill and visited the new Plusmarkt. It's a kind of drugstore. This one is more expensive than the other shops. If you sit in a wheelchair to have your kid in a stroller with you, you can not enter the store unless you lift it up on the stairs.
I don't think I will visit it again. It adds nothing new plus the smell of soap, lotion, and laundry detergent are so strong it literally takes your breath away.

I drove to the next village.
The gas station over there is way cheaper as the two we have and since gas/petrol became cheaper too it was worth the drive. I filled two jerrycans good for 15 liters of petrol (200+ kilometer).
The bus-kid got out of the bus at that village too.

I added some minced meat and mushrooms to it. Both I bought 40% cheaper because of the expiry date.

Back home I made pasta.
I used a package from the brand Maggi to make a sauce. We had minced turkey meat with it. I bought 1 kilo for a reduced price because the expiry date was today. Out of the rest, I made meatballs. Enough for two to three days.

I miss the power to load the last part of a site or post.

It's still a problem to load posts.
With Steempeak (not possible), @esteemapp I added some earlier written diaries of Thursdays to this post. Even if you think each day in your life is the same, nothing ever changes, it's not true. It's just what you focus on. The headline or the details which ad some extra fun, joy, satisfaction to daily life. It's like the #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay This one is about expectations too. Why only do others good and forget about yourself? Keep your energy level high without you won't survive.

Some diary days

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Diary Day #100 - December 23, 2019
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Diary Day #173 - Thursday, March 5, 2020
030520. - No Thursday is the same

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Good morning dear @wakeupkitty. I missed a lot of posting this week and yesterday we had a Thanksgiving party for the newlywed. They will be leaving from here and go to their designated job. A little bit less busy this coming week. How's steemit now? What is your latest insight?/Have a nice day dear!

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