Hair turns white if you get older?

It was what the bus-kid asked today.
No, it will not. I know one granny turned grey at the age of 18 years old. Her hair became white or actually it was made white too. The hairdresser used something for it. If it went wrong it became blue.
My other granny her hair became grey too.
It happens if you get older but all of it never became white. Perhaps not each hair turned grey... lost its color since that is what happens. The color is out of your hair and it is just filled with air.
Some hair you can easily paint but there are types of hair you can not.
My daughter loved to have white hair like "Storm" but like usually the hairdresser did a bad job. It did cost a lot and the end result was disappointing.
Now I wait till all my hair will turn great in a naturally way. Anyone has experience how long that will take? I would like to have it before my death.
I guess it will never turn white since I have more in common with the granny who's hair partly turned grey. I never asked how she felt about that. I doubt she ever went to a hairdresser but she took very good care of herself was always dressed like a lady.

Today's prompt is "a long white beard" and I see the dwarf who has it. The beard grows over the ground and he doesn't seem to stumble over it plus its never dirty. No foodrests or dirt can be spotted in it. I wonder how he kept it so clean. Men with beards seldom have a clean one.

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