What #ccc means to me

This is my entry to the Monday contest Contest: What does #ccc mean to you/
"¿Que significa #CCC para ti? contest #2.14.

As I just joined it was confusion, now it is clarity.

Slowly I find out what this community is about. The fact I was asked by @freedomshift to host a contest helped a lot and now he asked to help with @team-ccc it even forces me to figure out more about it.

I can be mistaken but I noticed of those who started this Community a part is no longer active. I do not see them join or ever leave a comment. It makes me wonder why but I also ask myself if it is necessary.
This community has no leaders. No one is owning it.

Together we are the community.

The members I know are like family.
It is great to meet them via the contests and to share our lives, dreams, goals and experiences with eachother. To know that if you sign in on of them left a comment and appreciated what you did.

It is good to be part of the family and it is also good to know we are growing.
Each week we can welcome a new member to connect with.

It would be great if all members would visit a few members on the list. Read and comment eachother and if you can give your upvote. This is the community's Circle Creed is about.

Some #ccc members like @macoolette will upvote members and winners. @marblely gives upvotes and so do I.
Each one of you who joines my contests will get a 100% upvote and if you join one of the other contests or write under the #ccc tag you can count on my vote too if I read your post.

If you want to be sure I read you tag me!
Perhaps you noticed my SP increased. I decided to transfer the Steem I once bought via Bitvavo to my Steemitwallet.
By doing this my vote will not be less after the HF 22 but more.

ccc means a lot to me, I hope to you too and we will stay close so we can grow together.

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The founding members are

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Thanks for joining my contest. You have number #6 👍💕

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16.09.2019 15:12

Muy graciosa. jajaja. Que bueno que te unes al grupo. Te felicito. Jajajaja

17.09.2019 03:25

Gracias pero no gané 😭. Si @fitinfunfood hubiera participado, ella habría recibido el número 6.

Si gano, puedo pagarme. Ahora puedo participar de nuevo. Una entrada por cuenta.


17.09.2019 10:53

A eso me refería, no de ganar. Sino que ahora eres participante nuevo. No te había visto, hasta ahora, con tu nueva imagen, por acá, en #CCC.

17.09.2019 12:21

Thank you for the warm welcome ❤️

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16.09.2019 16:23

You are welcome and we hope to see you back at our contests!

Have a great, inspiring day 💕

17.09.2019 10:48

Hi @wakeupkitty.pal,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

17.09.2019 03:38

Thank you for your comment. If my connection is faster I will check it out.
I wish you a great day 💕

17.09.2019 10:49

Hola amiga @wakeupkitty.pal!

Sería genial si todos los miembros visitaran a algunos miembros de la lista. Lea y comente entre sí y si puede dar su voto positivo. Este es el credo del círculo de la comunidad.

Tambien trato de dar mi voto positivo a la comunidad, pero comento muy poco, estoy pasando por unos momentos muy dificiles con mi esposo, esta enfermo con cancer, son dias de muchos examenes, el tiempo parece estar detenido, me consume la angustia y la incertidumbre, tengo mucha fe que superaremos esta prueba, un abrazo @wakeupkitty y toda la comunidad #ccc

17.09.2019 19:07

Lamento mucho escuchar que le diagnostican cáncer. Pensé que era una trombosis. Un ACV. Pero igual, es lamentable estar enfermo. Esta enfermedad es muy limitante y esclavizante. Yo sufrí como familiar, con mi madre. DOS veces sufrió de esta enfermedad. La segunda vez, se la llevó. y yo la sufrí hace ya 8 años. Es terrible como familiar y como paciente. Dios te de la suficiente fortaleza, para sobrellevar la situación, sabiduría para tomar las decisiones apropiadas y fé, para esperar en el Señor, su voluntad. Espero seguir viendo sus publicaciones. Un abrazo solidario.

19.09.2019 00:43

Gracias querida @gertu! Estamos viviendo momentos muy fuertes y dificiles, se que saldremos adelante, pero la angustia me gana, se que la lucha esta empezando, me tengo que llenar de mucha fe y mucha fortaleza, para poder ayudar a mi esposo, besos y abrazos.

19.09.2019 01:33