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I always been up first except on those rare moments my eldest still lived at home fell down the stairs early in the morning to start work at the bakery. Work that wasn't appreciated by one of the neighbours because it woke her up as the car was started. Outside she stood in her bathrobe to scold at my child because the engine made too much noise. Upsetting it was and not a good start of the day.

I like to wake up first because those early hours alone I need to recover. Recover from the night which I can't if people start talking to me and share their dreams, ask for attention or want me to do something for them. Waking up first is the best thing I can do for me and if not it's better these days to get out of my room after my children started their day.

Today I am up first and started scratching off the bad places on the wall we use as a living.

The walls are made out of sand and sand falls apart if it gets wet. At least this is the case in our house, too because the renovation wasn't done as I asked (and what I paid for).

Wet walls are a huge problem but today we start fixing them again (the worst parts) and are cleaning the place bit by bit. Inside first and hopefully there's enough time to do the walls outside before the next winter starts.

This is my entry to the daily 5-minute with the promp 'up first' provided by @mariannewest
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