[Ulog] January 29, 2020

As I woke up early a long list of things-to-do popped up in my mind.

There was some stress because we couldn't find the paper the doctor gave. Once in the car I jumped out to check a place it mightbe. It was, lucky us. We were in time for the bus.
It is lesscold outside but it smells terrible and it is a pool of mud.

My daughter said the shops already sell the chocolate and painted eastern eggs. It makes you confuse time. It takes seven weeks till it's eastern. I need to lose weight first and save plus if I buy it is on sale.

I wrote a bit, did the dishes earlie this morning and cooked the potatoes for the children as I fed the wolves. Later I will fry them.

It's 12:49 pm
I will make the fire and drive to school. It is getting colder as expected. My head hurts.
At 1:30 I need to pick up the youngest and at 3:30 pm the bus-kid. Somewhere in between I will go to the gasstation and see if I can pay the electricity bill.

I have an unexpected bill of over 100 euro. 😭

There is a lamb born and the sheppard drags it with him at its front paws. Mother sheep follows withthe placenta dragging behind her. What a life.
On the way to school there's a car accident. I wonder how that car ended up on the other side of the road. Not much is less left from it.

I picked up the youngest and we had a hot chocolate. It tasted way better as the dirty brown water we once bought at school.

My daughter ate the whole cake 😐. The bus-kid won't like that.

At 3:15 pm I left to pick up the bus-kid.
It rains again.
I payed the electricity bill first and waited in the car. No time to watch the "dragon prince" on Netflix. The bus/kid arrived earlier as expected.

We went to the gasstation and back home I made dinner for the children.
Fried potatoes, a hamburger and green beans. The youngest had applesauce with it and the bus-kid mustard. We are out of mustard now.

I just ate some beans it was already passed 4 pm.

I threw my beker tea over the table and floor and that was the end of my day.
My hot water bottles are waiting for me and I need sleep.


My weight:
62.6 kg. Hurray, for me 🥳

What I ate today
the last small piece of buttercake, green filled olives, dark chocolate , green beans.

I did the jumping and sitting and bending two times.

No Prednisone. 😐

Published today (Jan. 28, 2020)

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