Tip: 3 Join #ccc contests if you like to earn!

CCC is sponsoring contests and giveaways.
No one owns or controls CCC as the #ccc is free to anyone to use.
The community supports those who abide by the honor code which is also maintained and updated by the CCC community.

What does #ccc mean to you❓

This is the title of a contest hosted by @freedomshift.
He asked me if I am interested to host it, who knows I will. Why? Because I am a ccc-member.

How to enter this weeks contest What does #ccc mean to you❓.

  • Submit a testimonial about #ccc, good, bad, or indifferent as a qualified #ccc post (see rules and guidelines on this post and every #ccc contest post).
  • The post must be based on factual events and not just feelings or opinion - everyone has at least one of those at any moment and they change._

See HERE for this weeks contest.

With this community it is easy to win!


  • Use the title given (What does #ccc Stand for ❓What does #ccc Mean to you ❓Contest #ccc 2.08).
  • Answer the question in 200+ words (wordcounter.net is a great help).
  • Write in your own words, use your own pictures and if not mention the source.
  • Add the invitation (see underneath this post).
  • Use the tag #ccc _(adviced tag #steembasicincome).
  • Leave the link of your entry for this week HERE_.
  • Engage with 10 other #ccc members by reading/commenting/upvoting their entries (use the tag underneath a post to find them) in 24 hours.

ccc is a community. It helps you to grow on Steem! I do believe each community should run some contests.

The picture is a pixabay.com pic.

What can you win if you join a contest?

  • SBI (Steem Basic Income, a quaranteed income!)
  • Steem

I like to join contests and I meet many who host one.
Joining contests was one of the first tips @fitinfun gave me (join with every post you write a contest, never write just for fun!). I advice you to do so too.

More contests hosted by #ccc members

@macoolette steward
@manuel78- contest host Saturday
the latest update <<< please click to read.`

OR copy it from here:


Please read A Simplified Guide and Update to #ccc carefully and acknowledge with your comment or question there.

At this moment you can find more specific information about the community HERE.

Note: there is no need to join a contest to be a member (is following the rules) or use the tag.
You can read more/contact me via my other account @wakeupkitty

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