Tip 2: Join the engagement league.

_There are all kind of sites/tools that can help you to figure out what you did on Steem. If you want to know where you stand if it comes to posting, commenting, upvoting The Engagement League is the place to be. After you joined a weekly report shows your rank and what you did in the past week._

Sign up to @abh12345 his Engagement League.

1 Leave a comment you like to join and
2 follow him.
You have a lifetime membership.
See his posts The curation and Engagement leagues like this one here.

Be aware of what you do on Steem
Know how many posts and comments you write, words/characters you use, times you upvote, if you self vote, etc. and how you can improve.

No matter if you just started your journey on Steem or are here for longer, you have to engage to others to be seen!

If you invest in others you invest in yourself!

Your account is just one out of many.

Your post is just one out of many. You can sit and wait till you are discovered or go out and start the journey yourself.

Find a contest to join!

If you have no idea what to write about start free writing.
See @mariannewest for the daily prompt. Do not forget to leave the link of your post underneath hers and use the tag #freewrite and #freewritehouse. The idea is you write 5 minutes without a break about the word(s) given.

How to be seen?

  1. Post good content. (200 words if you can, a photo and use tags people on Steem use!
    Tags are: #writing #life #photography #thoughtfuldailypost #freewrite #story, etc.)
  2. Read 10-30 different posts and leave a comment and upvote.
  3. Answer comments given to you.

If you just start/are low on SP your hands are tied!

Use your SP (Steem Power) wise.

Ask giftgiver.me for SP. If you get it this last for 48 hours. You can post and comment. You can ask for SP once a week.

  1. Post once or twice a week to start with.
  2. Read 2-3 different posts via steem-bounty and comment. (Steem-bounty.com is the place where you find posts with a bounty set on it! Sign in with your steemit posting key.)
  3. Try to answer comments given to you. Do not upvote if you do not have enough SP to do so.


Sign up on palnet.io with your Steemit key. Use the tag #palnet and your post will be shown on Steemit and Palnet!

More tips you can find in the other posts I wrote with this account. My other account is @wakeupkitty.PhotoGrid_1564373722210.jpg
The picture is a pixabay.com pic. At pixabay.com are pictures you can use for free!

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