Tip 18: Good content again

Good content, what is that?

Let be one thing clear. Good content here is different from good content elsewhere.
Here some curators decide what good content is. A post <20 Steem is good content and those 20 Steem are not necessary given by the "crowd" here.

We write!

If you like it or not: a photo, a meme, an @actifit post, a drawing, etc only are not seen as good content.
You have to write text to it. Some say 44 words I say write more try the 50 or better 200.

What you write about is not important as long as you use your own words. This is meant by original. You need to write it, not copy-paste someone else's work.

Citing a text from the bible, some scientist, writing down an idiom is also not original work.

The curator

Most curators (those who upvote you) will not read what you wrote. That explains why you have 20 votes right after you posted and not one single comment.
Those votes are done automatically. You can use steemvoter to vote on posts of certain Steemians you like or think they write good content (see the tips underneath).

It is not appreciated to selfvote so my advise is not to do it or make a habit out of it.

How to get an extra vote?

  1. If you use @partiko (see tips underneath) you earn points for posting and commenting. If you change these points @partiko pays out the points in steem as an upvote.
  2. You can try the @upvotebank.
    Transfer 0.001 steem to upvotebank and the memo is: register.
    If upvotebank accepts you they send you a link. You receive your 0.001 Steem back.

To keep it simple @upvotebank uses the votes you do not use to upvote a post from you. Your vote is not wasted and you have an extra upvote.

I tried it with this account and I did not receive a link (I did with my other account). The reason? Acvording to their rules they should so the only reasons I can think of are: I write bad content, I do not post frequently enough, my votes are useless, I had a downvote or I used all my votes (I am using steemvoter with this acvount).

  1. Write as much words as you can!
    Some say 44 words is the minimum. Use them for photos, @actifit posts, memes, etc.
    It is said 1000+ words are asked by whales, others advice 200+ or 500+ words.
  2. Pay attention to style and grammar.
    Use a photo. A photo will attract the attention. A post without will easily be overseen.
  3. Be noticed!
    Till the day we can buy attention (you already can do this if you put a bounty on your post, see steem-bounty.com) you have to engage, show yourself. So join contests, comment, comment and comment.
    If your name shows up frequently.people remember you and visit you too.
  4. Use the right tags!
    Use the right tags so people can find you.
    You can get warned or downvoted if you use the wrong tag (of a tribe).

This picture is made by me.

Ready for a new addiction?

Use Partiko and collect Partiko points.
Posting, commenting = points = steem!
Try it. There is nothing to lose

Steem is about earning. You need to earn to power up/stake. Without Steem Power (SP) you are not able to post, comment and upvote. Make yourself visible. Use your SP in the most efficient way.

Tips I wrote to help you

Tip: Introduce yourself!
Use the tag #introduceyourself if you did not do it yet.
(You might meet nice people or get interesting tips.)
Tip 1: How to grow? Use dpoll.xyz!
(Go for the giveaways. Free SBI, upvotes, pal, monster cards).
Tip 2: Join the engagement league.
Be visible, upvote your neighbours like they do with you).
Tip 3: Join #ccc contests if you like to earn!
(Use the tag #ccc for every post with 200+ words)
Tip 4: Share your photos (dapp Appics)
Tip 5: Steem-bounty.com
(Be a bounty hunter, get upvotes and earn forever on your posts!)
Tip 6: Improve your writing skills.
(Read, use Grammarly, practice free writing)
Tip 7: Steembasicincome (SBI)
(Help other and earn yourself too)
Tip 8: Join Actifit.
Tip 9: How to get your upvotes? Bot or not?
Tip 10: Use the right tags!
Tip 11: Giveaway and Thank you.
Tip 12: Have you voted yet?
Tip 13:
To vote or not to vote, that is the question. https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever/@wakeupkitty.pal/actifit-wakeupkitty-pal-20190821t173452907z
Tip 14: I want my money! (Bitvavo)
Tip 15: What option do you have after HF21?
Tip 16: Automatically post, upvote and claim rewards.
Tip 17: New Steem - Steemvoter

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