Thrombosis isn't such an issue

After a longer chat with someone from Denmark about the coronavirus, vaccinations, the crisis and restarting life, a social life again for a moment I thought everything was better in Denmark. The reality is I know nothing about this country or its policy and I truly hope the government is concerned about the health of all people, the entire nation not about those who end up in a hospital only.

If a test says it's positive it isn't said you are or you will get ill, feel sick. A few days later positive can be negative and negative ca be positive. There are too many tests and the tests are not the same, done under the same circumstances and what has to be done fast is for sure not for 100% sure but good enough if you walk around with high fever, cough your lungs out and cannot breathe. At least that is what they say.
Who they are I still don't know. The only thing I know is by now not even 1% of our population ends up in the hospital and of this 1% only a small amount goes to the IC. Most of them are men. Men with an extremely overweight and all kind of issues. Men who could have started living a healthier life a year ago but did not. They didn't and many more only gained weight.

Because of a very small group ending up in the hospital, a whole nation suffers and... pays for it. The whole nation pays for the vaccinations, the tests, the health care. They pay for it with their own health because they do not receive the medical care they need. Those with cancer, who need operations within six weeks, those with depressions, revalidation, physiotherapy etc all those people pay the bill and... can drop dead. I wish I made it all up but doctors, specialist, psychologist and many more have reported from their own experiences, their working field but are ignored.


The crisis is not caused by a virus but by a government. They created this crisis. The bankruptcy, the poverty, people lost their business, job, houses and sanity.
I wonder how screwed up the nation will be in the next five to ten years but also wonder how it feels for those who kept partying, celebrating, travelling, ignoring the rules and restrictions? How does it feel you are rewarded for it now? You are the only ones not being punished? How come a government and nation invests in people who never cared counted on others to rescue them? How come those who stuck to the rules and spent their lives inside alone are not rewarded for that?

The latest news was about Denmark again. I wonder why Denmark since other countries like Austria and Luxembourg already decided to give up on the vaccination AstraZeneca earlier because one of the side effects is thrombosis. In the Netherlands, no one cares about it because "everyone" can get thrombosis. The most important thing to do now is vaccinating as many people as possible. It's not important what happens abroad. We aren't Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark or Iceland and if people drop dead because of a blood clot we say it's not serious or something else caused it. That's how "we" work. If it doesn't benefit ("als het niet in ons straatje past") something else is blamed and the coronavirus or the vaccination didn't cause it. Reports are ignored. If it fits (the more positive tests the more reason for a lockdown, curfew, close borders, etc) it's the coronavirus and every report, schedule, assumption is welcome.

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Una situación que asusta bastante y yo diría que en la mayoria de los países, pero... ¿qué podemos hacer?
Pienso que en primerr lugar vivir usando el sentido común y también educando a los demás.
¡Qué tengas un día feliz y saludable!

A situation that is quite scary and I would say that in most countries, but ... what can we do?
I think that first of all live using common sense and also educating others.
Have a happy and healthy day!

11.03.2021 18:34

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