The taste of blood

It happened right around the corner where he lived. A young man of 19 years old he was. Indeed he was since he was found by another man more dead than alive. Stab wounds covered his body and help came too late, perhaps not always but this time they were. Not because of the coronavirus, or the fact they refused like they do a bit too frequently if you call 112 but because no one found him earlier.

He laid in his blood on the schoolyard of a primary school. What made an adult go over there?

It was because of a date with a teenage girl the paper stated. It makes you think. Adult with a teenage girl dating in the schoolyard of a primary school. Doesn't it make you think? According to the paper Chris (yes the adult has a name) was tricked by two teenagers. For a moment I wonder if Chris is handicapped. It's possible he likes to hear a friendly word, to play with those children. If you live around the corner and see children play, children different from you...

The story turns out to be different. A woman (adult of 18) dates a man (19). They meet at the schoolyard and she brings along her boyfriend (17) and another friend. This cruel trio stabs Chris and leaves him for death behind. For sure they enjoyed themselves and we're bragging and overjoyed they did it.

Did Chris hear them? How many heard his screams or didn't he scream at all?/He died around the corner of his home.
A 19-year-old man (not called a teenager) by an 18-year-old woman (what makes her a teenager?) and her 17-year-old boyfriend (not 18 yet). I wonder why the news is brought the way it is. If you are 16, 17, or 18 you are not a teenager but a young adult. I notice many 18 years old are called a teenager, just how it fits the paper. It feels as if the AD newspaper is in the hand of the killers. It makes me think too. About their social standard, education, nationality. By now I know if murders are white, Dutch they are called by name, address, everything. In the case of these cruel people, there are no names, no information given, nothing. It's Chris who is painted as the bad boy here.

I read in the same paper how a man drove like a maniac to the hospital to save a girl's life. She was bitten by a pitbull the owner of the dog is unknown. This man said, "a dog who tasted blood should be put asleep."
I wonder what to do with the human pitbulls who tasted blood. This couple with friend who planned and kill Chris. They tasted blood and will do it again. Do they deserve to live?

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