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Calm down
We try to but it isn't easy although I cannot say we have a bad life it's just things fall apart and it takes energy to find a way out. It's easier said than done saying 'time solves everything' but in reality, it doesn't work that way. Too frequently time solves nothing and it's learning to live with the next disappointment or a new lifestyle. A life no one chose but we have to do with it. Strange how only a few people rule the world and only one single person is needed to spoil your day.

It's what many do or should I say did? The Christmas holidays are near. Good for an increase of the abandoned people and not one single person will change that or... cares. I don't know what is worse. Society changed we do no longer care because we are out of energy. An inmate starts bodybuilding to kill time, takes tattoos, reads, or get depressed the rest, we the outmates, gain weight, try to chat, and get depressed. It's hard to reach out to someone these days. Many can't a load of disappointment, worries, debts on their shoulders. It isn't easy to smile. You can try but what eats you can it be hidden by a smile.

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Closed book
We all heard the words said 'new normal'. You thought it was just for a while? This is the new normal and we will not go back to the old days, how it once was. Many will close books now or have to soon. Lost jobs, lost dreams, lost travels, lost family and friends, and... a lost future. I am glad my children know how it once was but it doesn't mean I am not worried about their future, they are not about their future, their education is a waste of time. They have to close their book about the future already and plan something else. More changes will come. The future will be one without caring, touching, real contact. One with many staying home no matter if they are jobless or an employee. It's time to prepare for an online life if you can. No internet or a bad connection? If that's the case it is a pity for you. Your problem, your lost. Something you have to deal with alone. Be aware no one hears you, reaches out for you. Learn to keep yourself busy before it is too late or start a residential commune.

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