She did it!

"It is crazy to start a porcupine farm in your backyard!"

Crazy or not she did and they are so cute. If they know you you can stroke them and if not...
They should make great pets and better as the common dog. They shit less as a goose and do not make much noise. Why should she care about the neighbors?

It's my house, my yard and if they don't like it they can always move to a better place, where the grass is greener. How come I never complain about the skunks and ferrets you keep!"

He dialed the number of the police substation from memory. Officer Claire was on vacation.
The only option left was to explain the whole story again and it took way more time as expected. Claire never needed more as 2-3 words to understand what was going in. This one was one of the stupidest officers in the country. Even an AI at Tele2's customer service was smarter.

"You have to put her to a halt! It's a complete Zoo next door. Very unhygienic and before you know rabies or the next plague will start."

"Are those animals molested, aggressive, did anyone attack you?"

"No, but that isn't the issue. You cannot keep animals where humans live. For god's sake, this is a residential area!"

On the way home a toy store caught her attention.
When was the last time she visited one? Although the shop was huge they mainly sold the same items. Dolls, pc games and some cheap items for playing outside. Did children still play outside?

A ball crashed through the window. The face of a Disney princess stared at him before it deflated. Disney's diva broke his window... At least it gave him something to complain about. The idiot who replaced Claire had to come over now. He had proof, the girl did it, had to leave.

The first prompt of the #weekendfreewrite of Saturday February 22, 2020.

**If you like to join the freewriters see @mariannewest

  1. Shit therapy
  2. Salsbury
  3. Scary
  4. A Christmas Carol
  5. Morgen (D) / Morning (En)
  6. Faking happiness
  7. Feiglinge (D) / Cowards (En)
  8. Digging around
  9. A matter of justice.
  10. Kartoffeln (D) / Potatoes (En)
  11. Dancing
  12. Sesame
  13. Breathtaking
  14. Bloodsuckers
  15. Little sprouts.
  16. Life
  17. Fear of water. AND the latest update <<<please click to read.

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