Quality or quantity?

Fifteen hours, at times twenty, a day I spend on reading and writing. Some say to me quantity is not important but quality is. Is it? While most people waste hours of the day in front of the television set I read, I read and I write. If I am at work I write. My head is always busy, busy with writing a new story out of the information I received. Information that comes from thoughts, observations, life experiences, books, and magazines I read about topics of my interest. It doesn't matter if I read an article, a short story written in fewer than 240 characters (yes, characters not words), a poem, or comment. I read it and think about it. In many cases, it's good to write about it. Is what I write about not valuable to you? What keeps you from not reading me and Wikipedia instead? Are you sure it's the only quality you read and just copied? Forget about it. The same topic does not contain the same information in different languages, who is a hero in one country is the enemy somewhere else. If I read humans have 247 teeth I think there's something seriously wrong. Most will not. They accept the written word as the truth and do not question anything. It's what I see if I read you. Something isn't right no matter which bot says it's exclusive. If you can not answer who "he" is or state you do not know who "he" is although you "wrote" about him if you say you are not a doctor although you write you advice your patients to... and there doesn't ring a bell with you if I ask you a question about your article there's something seriously wrong. It's not about me and quantity but about you and quantity. It's about you who can not write and are not willing to invest as many hours in it as I do because you prefer it the easy way and can not imagine there are people who live to write. Who write for themselves who do not care about publishing the next wikipedia post on the blockchain.
To those who do: Have you paid Wikipedia for their help already? Your donation is needed to keep it running.


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