Property damage

"It's property damage and I'll sue you," he said as he lifted his dog off the road. It wasn't that he cared bout the ugly dog but that stupid neighbor kid damaged his dog, his property. Furious he went inside and his mother and brother knew what that meant.

"That stupid kid killed the dog," he screamed as he threw what was left of it on the carpet.

"Take it out of here," his mother ordered but he ignored the woman and searched the net for a lawyer. "I'll sue the guy."

"For what," his brother asked.

"For damaging my property of course."

"Can someone take that carcass outside?" mother yelled. "Dig a hole in the corner of the back garden before it attracts flies."

"It's evidence can't you see that!"

"Evidence or not take it outside. Take photos if you are so attached to it."

She had never really liked the dog. It was a gift and came with the firewood and stayed. She couldn't blame the kid next door either. The dog was trouble, barked, chased cars, and hard to keep inside.

After he had made photos of the evidence and the crime scene he took the animal outside. Not to bury it but for saving it in the freezer in the shed. His mother and brother, the whole neighborhood would see he was right. It was damage to his property and with the money, he would buy the new motorcycle he had in mind.

Within one week a lawyer sent a letter. He was sued by the neighbors for damaging their property. His property, the dog, had damaged their car. With the amount of money he had to pay them, he could have bought at least three motorcycles.


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