Pointy shadows

The shadow contest 101 is running.

I always find this a hard one. I know there is no need for me to have a look in my phone. I hardly have shadow pictures plus I am not the one saving photos endlessly.

I suddenly saw this as I stood up to make an other photo, the one underneath.

I had a view at the shadow of the fern on the door.
@gertu for your information this fern is fake.

Pointy shadows aren't easy.
It's still grey outside (the busted said it snowed as it arrived in the city) and there will be no change for the next two weeks. Slowly I get used to it. It's 100 times better as rain.

This is the first photo I made.
The shadow of the Christmastree on the curtain. Life it looks better.

If you like to join the #shadowcontest see Shadow Contest-Round 101-Pointy Shadows Win SBI or have a look at @melinda010100

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13.01.2020 13:34

Thank you for the update. 👍

13.01.2020 16:51

Okay, upvoted and reblogged to thousand followers.. Thank you to vote us as your witness and curator.

13.01.2020 13:43

Thank you so much. 💕

13.01.2020 16:49

13.01.2020 16:00

Thanks 💕

13.01.2020 16:49


17.01.2020 11:53

jajajajaja si amiga @wakeupkitty, me di cuenta que tu helecho está fuera de temporada, tienes mucho frío allá para tener tu helecho tan real.
Muy bonita tu sombra.

jajajajaja yes friend @wakeupkitty, I realized that your fern is out of season, you are very cold there to have your fern so real.
Very beautiful your shadow.

13.01.2020 16:23

Este es el único helecho que puede sobrevivir aquí. Tenía uno real pero hacía demasiado frío y estaba demasiado oscuro. Gracias por comentar Abrazos. 💕

This is the only fern that can survive here. I had a real one but it was too cold and too dark. Thank you for commenting. Hugs. 💕

13.01.2020 16:51

Those are all great pointy shadows! Thanks so much for entering!

13.01.2020 16:55

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13.01.2020 16:56