My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY, Sept. 25, 2020, Mean to ME ? - 3.16"

How to overcome challenges that life throws at you? Life is not a bed of roses they say. If you ask me it is exactly what it is. You believe it looks good, it smells great, you are free but once you sit or lay down you feel the thorns all over.

How to deal with life? A life filled with problems? How can one handle those never-ending issues? How frequently it does feel one problem is solved and the next six are waiting for you? By now I could say I am an expert in trouble, a heavy life but it doesn't make me feel good or better although the knowledge I did it before and can do it again is good to motivate myself with.
"I know I can handle this, solve it if it doesn't solve itself, it is just a short period it will pass." It's a pep talk I use for myself. It's better than the "no need to worry" and the "you will manage" or the "your time will come" so many told me. All people who took the easy way out, not willing to give a hand or at least listen for a change. It might be what is a huge issue to me isn't to someone else but that doesn't mean I can be ignored because I experienced it before and "know what to do". In reality, I do not know what to do because each situation differs from earlier experience and next to that it all depends on how I feel.

Saying "how do you overcome challenges is a completely different attitude.
It's better to speak about challenges, instead of issues or life-threatening problems. A challenge is something you can accept, who knows it can even be fun but problems are a heavy weight to carry on one's shoulder. Problems are what make you feel sick, stressed out, frustrated, and depressed. Problems are good for sleepless nights and feeling close to a heart attack.

If there isn't any light in that tunnel you need to make some yourself. It might take some time but it is worth the investment.

How to make light?
Write down on a piece of paper what the main problem is.

  • Ask yourself what your biggest fear is.
  • Is worth fighting for/the fuss, is a solution needed?
  • Write down different solutions.
  • Sleep over it. If possible wait a few days.

Good to know: a solution over time is a solution too. At least if you stick to your schedule/plan.

  • Many problems solve themselves.

Most of what happened and happens to me is out of my hands. If it happens the only thing I can do is find a way to survive (the next disaster/disappointment). In between I might feel miserable, cry, suffer from a lack of sleep but the only way to leave this behind me is to go on, and being active, killing time keeping myself busy is helpfpful
It was my "being over tired" day again but so is giving in and wait till it is over.
Yesterday it was my "being over tired" day again. I already felt the "dizziness" for several days. I ll it "tired" but in reality I can not stay on conscious. Thewalking" to finish what needs to be done, to arrive home or my bed. I have prt come. I aing and once home I have problems talking and at home I go to bed and wait for the moment the "turning" in my his time I left fast (it took me 15 minutes) but it took I am unconscious. over it, come back, to wake ue 15 hours to get over it. To wake up on my bed of thorns. I wish I could say I had a good rest but I had not. My neck hurts, I am dehydrated but life goes on.

This is my entry to What does TODAY Mean to YOU? 3.16
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