Today it's December 27, 2020. This platform became quiet. It's not typical for Steemit since I see the same people posting but I notice what I noticed everywhere. No one reaches out, no one pulls the wagon, and if so there's no help. It's not typical for this platform but it is for each platform and us humans, users. We expect others to reach out for us, fill our pocket but aren't willing to give anything back in return.

We are busy. From the moment on the pandemic was announced even more than ever. We are busy with doing nothing, chatting, wasting our time with being bored, playing games, and complaining. I wonder how many of you, those with a job, or even two, remember how life was over one year ago. How we hoped for some time to do what we liked to do. This wish is granted and I wonder if you did all those things or... ended up in a couch potato not in the mood to do anything?

The mood... It left many of us. Not only because of the pandemic but because it's the end of the year. This reaction we see at children and if that's the case we say "it's good the vacation starts," or, "it's weekend". To more and more people it's always 'the weekend'. They always have a free day off and it's no fun, not appreciated if that's the case. Generally speaking, people need a job, even if it's a bad one. It's the only way for them to appreciate their home, the bit of freedom left, a day out.


Freedom left us. A few decide what we are allowed to do. That didn't happen during the past year or is a result of the pandemic but started long before. We thought it, those rules and laws, was the result of a social state, a luxurious life but now it turns out we are manipulated, dominated and the democracy is dictatorship too.

The people don't reign only a few do. It's not different from what social media does and if I am not mistaken Poland is the first country that will fight freedom of speech against social media like Facebook, Twitter, et cetera from now on.

We won't go back to our old life. The new normal was introduced with a reason. The intention was never to go back but to prepare nations, force them into the cattle needed and that or even worse is the world children have to live in. Being vaccinated, registered, not allowed to travel, who knows even being chipped. Something we never managed with each dog and cat but will with the human being.

We lost the battle for democracy and will lose the war. Not because we gave up fighting but because we are raised that way. Are prepared for it generations ago. We do not know or remember what we should fight for as long as we have our daily bread and manage. More will not be in it for the crowd.

Anonymity? It is over. This includes trading in cryptocurrencies. We lost that right too. It's all for a higher goal "they" say, a goal set by higher powers than governments and the pharmaceutical industry but the goal itself no one knows. It's not a secret but knowing, being aware you you do not fit into the plan is a good reason to ignore the signs. What you ignore doesn't exist right?

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