Mental Stress?

No, I don't think I suffer from it. Why should I? People give me stress, perhaps problems I can not solve out but my present life is fine.
I do not feel isolated, unloved or any lockdown. My contact with other people increased and at times this is exhausting. Might be I am the lucky one at this moment?
I live far, far away from other people.
I no longer need to drive several times a day up and down to take children to school.
Slowly my own biorhythm takes over.
I save money, although not time yet.

It's a pity I can not celebrate Easter with my daughter but it's not the end of the world.
It's a pity I can not travel abroad to meet my pen pal but it wasn't planned within one year anyway.
It's a pity I can not let my car tested on time but a solution will be found for it.

A lot can give me mental stress but this, a forced staying home because of a man made virus, does not.
Sooner or later this will end. Probably at the moment it's too late and people know they are tricked, used and there's no way back as accepting the present situation.
A lockdown, closed borders, are not real if certain people are still allowed to travel, migrants for example, even without being tested.

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