It's a strange word and it's used in all kinds of expressions the same as diseases. We are used to it and don't care unless it has to do with us or the wish comes true.
Imagine each word you say immediately comes truth, imagine what the world looks like if that happens. For sure it would not look as shiny and clean as it looks on the photos shared these days or what people/media make us believe. Seldom photos are shared of the mess people live in, all the mess they make, how they dump their garbage somewhere else or of the dirt spit out by the mouth (words, bacteria or viruses). Imagine you see and hear everything.

We are in a crisis (again) and the more days pass by the more I wonder why.
Today I shared my #quarantainelife which isn't a quarantine life at all. It can't be because I am allowed to go outside, I can shop, let the dogs out, mow my lawn and no one will punish me for it. I can drive my car, go to the pharmacy, walk next to my kids and children can play outside. The only thing I can't do is cross the border(s) to stay with my daughter, children, and grandchild.
Thanks to this contest I took the time to find out more about last winter's virus and the winter before. You know what? Last winter at least 2,900 people died because of influenza, people already forgotten! The hospitals were filled. My friend with cancer wasn't diagnosed as ill enough and send home.

2,900 People died of influenza in 2018/2019.
It means 2,200 at least need to die in the Netherlands to beat last winter's death number.
Let's assume only 40% visited a doctor or this 40% was found sick at home or in an elderly home... the rest never visited a doctor. For sure no one said about these cases the hatred flu caused it. That's how it works in real life. What you don't count doesn't exist only what you count does.

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Okay, @puncakbukit has upvoted and reblogged to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to approve us as your witness and curator.

30.03.2020 18:02

Sad to hear that influenza caused a lot of death. My friends told me that people are over acting about covid19..they never realized a lot of people already died because of ordinary flu.. Anyway covid19 is really scary for me.

31.03.2020 13:41

I agree we are overreacting. It's more scaring because we hear it now. In October 2019 governments worldwide already spoke about this. The virus is made so we all knows what this mean.

09.04.2020 15:05