I tell you what to do.

Yes, I can because I am in charge.
I am the boss and according to the girl on the picture an awful one. She has to stay inside. If it is not for her good it is for mine and the other wolves theirs.

We have plenty of space.
There is freedom if they all stick to the rules.
No fighting, no exceptions or excuses (bad mood, hormons, the weather or a bad childhood).

Her plan: carry the bowl through the hall, throw the food everywhere and wait what happens. Attention please, let me out or I make even a bigger mess!


Freedom has its borders.

Family, society will never allow you to be free. Act like a free spirit, say what you like.

Steem is not different.
As long as nobody notices you you can do as you like, follow your own rules.
If you want to earn you have to fit in (a community) and stick to the rules.

At the moment you joined Steem you agreed to live by their rules.
Original, good content is one of these rules. No plagiarism is another one.
Within these borders you are free to write about what you like.

What you write does not pay.

This is the case for most of us. Reading on a (tiny) screen or computer is not the same as reading a book. The audience is different too.

My stories, that what I like to write about, do not pay either.
You will not find many people here who love to read, who love short or long stories, who come back to read the next episode.
That might sound disappointing, you can say it is an awful thing to say but this is a fact.

If you like to earn write what the community asks for.

Join contests and leave comments. This is a good way to advertise for yourself, connect to others and develop your writing skills.

You can freewrite with @mariannewest, a daily prompt is included.

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You will not find many people here who love to read, who love short or long stories, who come back to read the next episode.
i will, if i can get the story in one big chunk and read via my Kindle - our internet is soooo slow, it takes forever to toggle from Part One to Two to Fourteen...it's hard to keep up with any serialized fiction here, or even more than a few people's per week. I do love yours - please send more, or links to more! At @isleofwrite we used to have spreadsheets with links to google dox. Now there's a beta reading group, but somehow i miss the emails for that. -_- I look like a total schmuck. But I want to read more and support everyone. You're doing a great job of that - no doubt at the expense of your own writing!

05.09.2019 17:41

I think you are an exception if it comes to reading and so am I. I am not here to read and comment as many posts as possible on a day. I can never do 130 a day like some people. Even not with a fast connection.
Typing on a mobile works not as fast either and well, you know about my connection ☹

Generally speaking I don't believe you find the great readers gathered on this platform. Long reads take to much time. People read less anyway.

I only heard once of the beta reader group I think they do nothing at the moment or they do no longer want me to join them?

It is hard to support anyone and to search for them. It helps me if they tag me.

Thanks for reading, commenting and your support 👍👍

06.09.2019 06:17

I hear you!!
I cannot imagine the beta reader group not wanting you--I've seen no emails so it must be there's no activity at this time.
Tagging me doesn't work because I don't have whatever app informs us we've been tagged. I check Replies daily. @mariannewest discovered that replying to any random post with whatever message she has is the way to reach me. Ok, so how do I set up getting notified that I've been tagged....
Hang in there!! You and I with the slow internet, the dogged determination to read and comment and nominate....

06.09.2019 12:21

What if I tag you by writing it as a reply underneath a post? You can read that or?
If tagging is not working for you it does not work for more people.

06.09.2019 12:59

Replying to any post will get my attention, as long as I check daily for Replies, which (I blush to confess) is the first thing I check every day. Why do we write? I hopes of getting a reaction from somone. Anyone. Any reaction, but preferably a f avorable one. :) Thanks @wakeupkitty!

06.09.2019 20:57