I am here out of free will!

What is it you fear?

If you are scared know it's normal and part of our instinct. It's a warning and a way to stay alive but it doesn't mean you have to let is rule your life. Better ask if your fear is real.

Strange how many things there are to be scared of.
You think you are save, you truly believe you are free, you can be who you want, live the life you like, can be with those you love and speak freely. You even think you can join the platforms, forum and sites you like or like to try out.

Freedom of speech.
Is it an illusion or the right of only a very small group?, the privileged ones only?

It's over a year ago I joined Steemit.
I had a hard time. They said it was a great place to be but it wasn't for me. They, those who told me to join, left long ago. I left too but gave it a second chance. I just wanted to write, leave something of me behind for my children.
I found my way thanks to the freewriters and @mariannewest. Other Steemians gave me a hand so I could publish again. Some left, others are still around.

I have no intention to leave this platform.
To me it's a good place to be. Yes, a part of the people I knew left but this happened during the past two years for all kinds of reasons. It's not something new and it is something each platform deals with. Facebook for example has many accounts which are never used or only for one specific reason.

I do not fear what happens to Steemit.
I have faith in this platform, it's leadership. I see good things happen.
There are enough active members and those who stayed are willing to invest. For sure they are interested too in how this platform will develop.
A new leadership, different rules, are no per se bad. It all depends on how we, the writers of this platform, will present ourselves.

Scolding, downvoting because you cannot be in charge or get what you want says a lot about you.
People will remember you and the bad things you did. Why? Because that's how our brains work. We remember bad over good.

Perhaps you love to blame someone for your misery, because many do not buy your manipulative propaganda, but know being here is my free choice. Know I join as many platforms and forums as I like because I am a free person and do what is good for me, what brightens up my day on my hard days and I share what I like to share.



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