Hiking boots

Walking is not my kind of sport. I never liked it and I never will. As a child I was forced to walk on Saturdays. It was more like marching, costume and flag included. We had to sing to look good. Good to the eyes of the jury. They hid somewhere and I am quiet sure I wrote about this before.
What we didn't have were special shoes or boots. No, there were no hiking boots for us. I doubt if they even existed. All those things we use today are invented later. Colour television, video player, dvd player, digital camera, broadcasting and hiking boots. Once it has a name you can ask money for it, extra money. This is how it works. Label it and it is special and people buy it.
People love to pay extra for the idea of being the owner of something special. We pay for the A brand which is made in the same factory in China (Hong Kong) as the low budget we feel ashamed about. We think we look better in a designer dress although the extra money we spent will not cover up our belly or rinkled skin. The expensive hairdresser might ruin our hair but you cannot brag about the one who visits you in your own living.
Those expensive shoes... they do one good. Even if they cause you blisters. At least you look better than the rest. All those losers who wear old adidas or slippers. And if you give up on hiking you still keep them in your hallway. It's the sign of being sportive, a nature lover, someone who loves to go out. They are good for a chat different than the weather or about your old dog or cat.


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