Green smoothie

I met him at an acquaintance's home and in some way we stayed in touch.

It's hard to tell if we were friends but let's say I gave him a hand whenever he needed help. I drove to his home to collect papers, I went with him to the police as his house was emptied (front door included) by thieves, I drove an entire winter, daily, up and down to heath his place and was there to clean up his fridge and cupboards as the power was switched off and the worms crawl through his food. I arranged firewood and piled it up, helped him at customer service and climbed on his roof to wipe off the snow from his solar panels.
He drove his car into my new gate which was never fixed, I pulled his car out of the mud, cleaned it because he told me and drove him back home as his car was at the service.

Still, I couldn't do him much good and he never respected me although I helped him out of the misery he brought on himself and even tried his upside down apple pie and green smoothie.
He told me he respected her because she was a single mother with a job which I apparently am not because I am "one of the guys".
He caused me stress, all those times he showed up on my doorstep and ordered me what next to do, to do for him.
"I don't want to see you anymore," I told him as he called me, "you cause me too much stress."
"I'm sorry I cause you stress," were the last words he said and till today I am glad and never did regret I said those words.

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She has an apple pie and a smoothie Miss Wakeupkitty and should thank the person and who is a gem to everyone. Thank you and we are proud of you, but anyway it's summer and i'm thinking of getting a recipe about smoothies and make one, like banana smoothie, chocolate smoothie and it's perfect for the very hot summer days guys.

09.05.2021 09:20

Share your chocolate or banana smoothie recipe please.
I looove apple pie. 😋

09.05.2021 09:52