Grandpa Vampire

They say the Japanese are great in reverse engineering. We call it "copy cat". You copy what someone else made and sell it cheaper and in some cases, it's even better if not way better. I am fine with it since the A brand is rarely better or lasts longer than the D, E, or whatever more brands there are and warranted is two years no matter what you paid for it.

For sure the one who developed it doesn't appreciate it being copied but what can you do? Is it plagiarism, stealing, or a normal thing to do these days? It doesn't matter if it comes to a car, coffee machine, grass trimmer, bread, jeans, the Dolce Gusta cups, thermal underwear, or yogurt it's allowed. Only copying someone else's story is not allowed. I wonder what makes the difference. A small detail I guess. I can not write the same story by hand, use my handwriting, and say it's mine. With a car or fridge you can do that or with a pullover or fake Puma shoes.

It's allowed to use the same storyline as long as the characters are changed and the environment. If you think about it it's not difficult. Instead of red riding hood use black riding hood. No wine for a sick granny but some bags of blood or better fresh life for the sick granddad who can't go out hunting because he didn't evolve, has to stay in the dark which is hard these days. The temperature on earth is higher (they say), the sun seems to shine more frequently (good for a sunny Christmas instead of the white Christmas nonsense which wasn't present at the birth of Jesus), and houses with cellars are hardly built these days because people prefer a fridge and freezer filled with beer, ice cream and whatsoever next to their couch instead of walking stairs down to the basement (you will regret It if the next war, nuclear disaster or cataclysm if you have no place to hide).

Grandpa Vampire needs help and there's nothing wrong to reach out to someone else. Enough people drink each other's blood which makes me wonder if it's still allowed with the fear of getting the coronavirus. The virus will visit us each year just like the flu. Grandpa Vampire feels weak but since he cannot die he will live on. Inside, hiding, life in the dark is fine with him. If it comes to it he is the fittest and that's what life is about and needs to be proved. Those who can live without a doctor, 60+ vaccinations in life will survive. The rest will die and no red riding hood with wine and cookies can save you.

Before you ask... I don't know who "they" are. Let's hope not the media with fake news reading fear. Reach out to someone if you dare.

Prompt used: reverse-engineering


The prompt 'reverse-engineering' is provided by @mariannewest

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