Entry contest: What does TODAY (September 17, 2020) Mean to ME? - 3.15

This morning I started early writing a poem. I promised to give my child a hand and I already did by helping brainstorm about the gift it can make. It's not a birthday gift but for December 5th and not much time is left. In the past years the gift was ready in Summer, last year we did not make any because I didn't feel to it with the hospital and other things keeping me busy. This year? To be honest I have no idea if we can be there. A broken car, no transport, closed borders, and health problems I start thinking there will be no next time.

The children are exhausted and I know the way it goes now can't continue much longer. The traveling time takes too long. Five hours a day traveling only, hardly time to eat a decent meal, waking up at 4 a.m. and back home at 7 p.m. on much longer-term it is too much especially for the bus-kid who suffers from allergies and needs to wear a face mask the whole day on.
Last night it asked what happens if he stays home ill. I have no idea but I assume we figure it out soon if the car is not fixed or homeschooling starts again.


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