CCC goes for the big prizes!

It's 2021, March 2021 and by now the Community CCC hosts contest and giveaways for over three years. At times many joined and at times, times like now, hardly anyone does.

They understand you all go for the fast money but, but as a community, they like you to welcome other Steemians. They like you to meet, greet and give them a hand. Without your help, no one can grow. Not if they are new, not if they have no money to buy Steem Power (SP).

Today many of us do have time.
Time to write, to be on the internet. The community CCC is willing to reward you for joining their contests and for interacting with community members, those who join their contests too. They pay you but only if you engage and help others grow by up voting them. It doesn't matter if your vote is low or still zero as long as you vote and comment. The community likes to be more than a wallet for its members. Together it is a community is built.

They do not ask you to pay them for your membership but to invest some time in your fellow Steemians, those who join the community CCC!

How to find the CCC members?
They join contests but also add the invitation underneath their post.

Be aware that posts with the #ccc tag are used by others too. People who are not aware of what this tag stands for. Of course, they are welcome to join. Feel free to invite them.


The community CCC hosts contests.

You can find an overview of the contests/giveaways running if you visit @team-ccc

Worth joining are the ones hosted by @team-ccc, @wakeupkitty and @freedomshift.
The only thing you need to do is writing 200 words about the theme, inviting 3 Steemians, using the invitation and leaving the link of your post as a comment at the contest.

Since cryptocurrency is a great way of investing @freedomshift already started saving to realize paying out a big prize at the end of the year. If you like to make a chance join now and write every week "What today means to you!".


CCC = #hive-166850

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

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25.03.2021 12:07

Great initiative I will try to support her as much as I can ♥ ️

25.03.2021 14:15

Support everyone who joins. Good luck. ❤️

26.03.2021 23:02