I remember the time women went out on the street screaming and throwing their bras away. They wanted to decide what to wear and when to wear what. It was their good right just like being 'boss over your belly'. Let's be honest why should they look great, be the business card of an ugly, bold man with a belly, double chin who is badly dressed?

Some called it 'freedom to all', others 'feminism' or 'crazy women who can't get a man'. No matter how you put it it's a good thing.

No one should wear what he or she doesn't like especially not in your own time although... big books and no bra is painful just like dragging around with a fat belly. You feel it in your back. A braless life is fine if there is nothing to lift, hold so to say. If it comes to bras many men could use one. A pity is most bras suck. Those pieces of iron are good for scars, ruin the washing machine, and lift nothing. Neither does the push-up bra and those bras in bigger sizes might cover and lift a bit but they cut into your shoulders and are curled up underneath your breasts.

I watch myself in the mirror and know my bra days are over. Not because I am a feminist but because the suffering and pain are taken away from me.
For a moment I think of the group of women cutting their breasts. These raped females went out on the streets in groups to shock men. It was their decision, a way to deal with what happened to them and certain people in the society who do not deserve a place in it and the law sets free.

The days I feel shocked are over. I am fine with it. There's no need to hide, please people, crawl for others to be accepted. I have never been accepted anyway. I can finally throw away my bras. This struggling part of my life is over.


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