Big Brother's terrorist


Noise, noise, noise...
This time no helicopters (watching us) or jets (interesting how many planes pass by since the pandemic was announced by the WHO)...

"A drone!" my youngest said.

Who's watching us this time? Google, the city or Big Brother?

Don't worry we are at home, no intention to infect anyone or get infected by super spreaders.
Btw I noticed with Covid-19 not Influenza only but asthma, bronchitis, coughing (dry troat because you are getting older), sneezing, spitting on the street and allergies no longer existt.

This video gave me a good laugh. At least the first part did. The rest of it... well, what can I say? It's true. Most people are killed by the government and if you consider that it makes you think twice before you call someone a terrorist.

Just for your information: I use a cellphone, pay cash...

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30.09.2021 11:16