An offer

At the moment CCC starts getting meaningless to me.

So do this platform, the media and the few people I met here.
The more I can stay home the more I forget about the outside world. I feel less like connecting and engaging and I notice I am not the only one. It's easy to say it's because of the hard fork or blame the Covid-19 for it but the truth is it already started earlier. This is just the extra push back into my own life. A life of silence and peace, no rush. I prefer it above the fights, spam, fake news, bad advertisements #push and #posh and #tweets.

Already after a week, I gave up on the Coronanews.
If you are a critical reader you know a lot of the news given is not the truth, do not make sense at all. Scolding mayors ready to tell people are anti-social without having any knowledge about how or what disgusts me. No respect.

To some, it's hard to be home.
No matter if it's home alone or with others.
To me, there's no difference except there's no school and my allergies are killing me.

It's crunchy, chocolate and better than a cookie!

Chronic diseases are killing me and that is where my first C stands for.
My daughter wants me to live with her. She just said, "I take care of your old lady". It's not important if she can but the fact is she offers it. I thought she would get married but know she is worried about me living in the cold with a lack of water and the power of frequently. Three is too much.

Consideration that is my second C.
I will take it into consideration but to be honest, I know I will end up there in a few years the max is five years. At that time the youngest must have finished their jobs or be ready to live their own life. At that time I assume most of the wolves died. If not I need to find a solution for them.

Company is probably not what my daughter will give me but she will let me be just like I do with her.
I can sit in a chair and watch people and life pass by. I can lay in my bed and as long as I can. Sleeping, dreaming or watching a film. It doesn't matter. We can cook or skip it and order food I really like, drink tea, eat peanuts or chocolate and stay inside.

This is my entry to the CCC contest What does CCC mean to you 2.42 hosted by @team-ccc/@hive-166850

This is an Invitation to join #ccc. The community CCC supports members by encouraging and upvoting each other and by hosting contests. Contests are hosted by @team-ccc and it's members. See @team-ccc for contests running.

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Todo está patas arriba, ni siquiera vemos a los que antes participaban en los concursos. Vi que la única que participó la semana pasada en el concurso de los lunes fui yo. No entiendo que le pasó a todos. El aislamiento social no los deja compartir tampoco en los concursos? todo está extraño. @wakeupkitty.

Everything is turned upside down, we do not even see those who previously participated in the contests. I saw that the only one who participated last week in the Monday contest was me. I don't understand what happened to everyone. Doesn't social isolation let you share in contests? everything is strange @wakeupkitty.

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It looks to me as if the posts are there but they are hard to find or links not left, forgotten. I know I forget if I schedule posts. I stopped scheduling because frequently it does not work.
I thought too people would have more time now to be on the internet, read, write.
Perhaps it is the lockdown but I don't think so.

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