AI help against sadness and more.

What do you like to do when you are sad?

Do you lie in bed all day? Do you listen to sad songs?

Or do you try to perk yourself up by hitting a boxing sandbag or whacking unwanted old furniture with a bat?

Or do you prefer to do nothing and just mope around?

@marblely gave me a good laugh with her "whacking unwanted old furniture with a bat" but I need my old furniture and have no bat.
I do not wreck anything because I need to clean it up too.
I do not have a sandbag or radio and I can not lie in bed if my children need me or are not home yet.

If I am sad there is no room for me.
Lucky me I can not cry, I am a realist and seldom feel sad. If it depends on what it is about. In most cases we talk if we feel sad. It is a good way to figure out if there is a reason for it. If not that is fine too. There is not always a reason that leads to sadness.

Chocolate helps, be left alone and if possible an early sleep too. It is all food for the mood.

Today I read about a virtual friend on Steem.
Let's give AI a chance and chat if you feel down, feel an anxiety attack coming up, feel sad, lonesome or...

An AI for your mood, your first Aid. You can talk online or download the app. Be careful if you download the app for nearly everything you need to pay. is clearly written for the lonesome, instable people who need physical help.
This AI does not directly answer questions but avoids them.

At the left is what the AI says.

I asked AI (I used the site here) to tell me a fairy tale.

I have no idea what AI talks about.

It suddenly said it gave me something.

It says a billion times "sorry".

My youngest tried it out.

It is hard to receive comfort from a very talkative, self centered AI!

Discussions like these go nowhere.
This male AI (here still a golden egg) sounds familiar to be.

The youngest doesn't give in.
Actually it doesn't matter what you say it keeps talking about itself and its memory of a former life.
If you feel sad your sadness will easily turn into madness if you have to deal with this!

It feels like telling your ex it's over and he says "I know you always love me."

Out of the blue it sends this.

And what do you think about this?

If you like to test this be my guest.

I don't know if I should cry or laugh about this.
If you are really in high need of a person who can listen to you better start training this AI long before. Getting a response is rare and if it makes no sense and you are close to killing yourself!

The good news is if you click on "help" you will be sent to the suicide help line!

This is the app.
Except for chat the rest you have to pay for.
You can choose an avatar but they are not attractive.

It is better to talk to an egg and skip the nonsense and payment parts.

Btw an extra from the app is you can read the AI's memory and delete what it remembered wrong.

It noted my father died.

There are all kinds of AI apps to kill time with.

I think it's easier to teach a Furbie talk as make this AI listen to you. The engineers in San Fransisco need to practise more on this one.

In the meanwhile I advise you to eat that piece of chocolate you saved for days like these or drink a cup hot chocolate or tea with rum and crawl into your bed. It is fine to be sad and it is good to give room to it and give your mind and soul all the time they need. If you wake up you call a friend or just dial a number and tell what you like to share.

This is my entry to the ccc-contest
My Favourite Thing/s to do When I am Sad** hosted by @marblely


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