Entry "What does today, November 6, 2019 mean to me? 2:22"

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4 am
Out of bed. I wait till the children wake up.

Another NaNoWriMo, it is my third day and I hope to catch up a bit. So far I wrote 4,000+ words in the first two days. No,they are not meant to be one novel together. Might be this is my chance to end my "Once upon... A Life Tale" stories. So far I wrote 6 (are there family members left the bus-kid asked this morning. I thought the same as I woke up.).

NaNoWriMo stands for "National Novel Writing Month. See here."

@freewritehouse does organize a bit of #nanowrimo so a good reason to give it a try. No need to write a novel as long as you keep writing. Type them down those 50,000 words. It sounds like a hell of a job but it is less as 2k a day and if you are active
here on Steemit (posting and typing) you easily make it.

The three of us have our tea.

I try to charge phones and router before we leave. One hour sitting in a cold car waiting, nothing at hand is no fun. I always consider it as a waste of time. My time is limit, my personal battery is empty as soon as the children are back home.

I started writing at 6 am in the car.

The youngest and I had to kill time before school opened its doors. Kids arriving with the bus at 7 am have to wait outside in the cold.

In front of the school this pathetic person starts typing in her small car (windows open so we get some fresh air) a story she had not in mind. That is how it goes if the mind is blank and you just wrote a great story.
I have ideas again and I want to write but I am linited. The best stories are written if the pop up in my mind and I start writing at once. Notes made do not help me. If I read back the idea or a sentence the magic is gone. It is true it is way harder to end a story you once started as writing a new one.

I am not great in writing long stories, writing a book is difficult for me. I could make one if I write short stories first and put them together. The #MarchMadness story was an exception. It is a long fairy tale and as I wrote it I was there. As long as I am not disturbed I can finish it.
@arthur.grafo is the only Steemian I know who publishes long stories (parts of his book) on Steemit. It is a cathing story but harder to read as a short one. Here you better not count on response if you write. Readers are not united on Steemit.

Do I care?
Partly I do. I need critics from people who live to read and can write. I am not a native speaker so in the end I will be nowhere without help. No Dutch publisher will publish in English and Amazin does not give the option of making a writer's account. A guess we are only good for buying.

If it comes to the great story I wrote yesterday none of you will ever find out about it since not one single comment was given.
The best place to find readers and critics is in my own family and on WordPress. There you will find the fanatic writers and readers. On Steemit people are too busy. This is the reason the platform will never win from WordPress or writer platforms on Facebook. Steemit was promoted in a wrong way (you write dome shitband earn with it) and they forgot to reward the writers and readers. Writers are the underdog here and that will not change in the nearest future.

One of the best stories I wrote in a very long time is a tale.

It is my #MarchMadness novel and the
life tale I already mention. It is a poem as well and counts about 1300 words. By writing this it is clear a poem of 200 words isn't impossible you just need to be in the mood to do it. But that is the same with each poem written. A certain mood brings the poet.

8:30 am
And yes, I am home again. I wrote about 80 lines which are not enough I need about 300 hundred which I cannot post. Partiko does not allow it. No idea what Steemit accepts but I will not try it out for hours again. I learned from #MarchMadness.
It means I cannot post everything I write down. This is no problem since Steemit is the place where readers are rare and the rest doesn't care (and that is not because they are all in Bangkok celebrating and have the time of their life or pretend they have it.).

Washed my hair, drank a pot tea. It is cold outside.

I change my diary day into a #nanowrimo entry. While writing more stories come up but I need to pick up my youngest plus my internet connection does not work. They charged me as I bought but no connection.

The sun shone for two seconds.

My notes are a mess.

11:18 am
My NaNoWriMo #3 is finished. 2232 characters all together.
NaNoWriMo - Saints

I have two unfinished #nanowrimo stories. One from the first day and the second one from this morning. I need time to think about what to write. No novel for me, tales it will be.

Dpoll - not interesting.
I am not interested in answering stupid questions. Each time I read the same.

12:15 pm
I fed the wolves it is muddy outside and it stinks.

Time to get ready and pick up the youngest out of school.

I wait and write a bit.

We visit Tmobile. I paid but no connection. After long they said it had to do with my phone. It would only see the other simcard. What a b... We removed the simcard and still no connection. She just shrugged and said I had to get my phone repaired. I believe she blocked me.

Waited for the bis-kid in the car and wrote my German freewrite. Nanu was schreibst Du? my connection is gone.

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

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08.11.2019 15:40

Sorry about you phone, I have had my share of phone providers problems too!
Congratulations on the @actifit step of 2,143 , so close to the 5,000 steps needed to be rewarded...
Have a good day my friend!😊

08.11.2019 15:49

Thanks for your sweet words. I fo not longer take my phone with me everywhere. A part of the time it counts nothing. I use the app partly for posting on this account. I wish you a great weekend. πŸ’•

08.11.2019 16:49

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08.11.2019 16:12

Thank you for the upvote. I wish you a great weekend. πŸ’•

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08.11.2019 17:01

Thank you @artturtle. Happy weekend. πŸ’•

08.11.2019 17:58

saludos. yo no he leΓ­do tu historia en puesta de sol. pero si leΓ­ todo esto que has escrito.

08.11.2019 22:11


11.11.2019 03:53

I am still thinking what can I write for NaNoWriMo although there is not much time left. Do you post on your mobile all the time? I salute you for that. I don’t think I can look at my mobile all the time and I need a laptop the very least. Wishing you a good Wednesday! πŸ’—

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13.11.2019 01:28