Tip 30: Commentcoin (cc)

I intended to write this tip before Tip 29 but decided to try it out myself first.

CC and its tag #cc stand for Commentcoin.

In one of my lastest freewrites I wrote my gut feeling tells me this will be a hit!

Sofar I used the tag tee times.

When can you use the tag?

Only if you have 10 Commentcoin.
This means 10 Commentcoin for each post you like to use the tag for.

How to get Commentcoins?

  • You buy them via steem-engine.com
  • You earn them by giving a good/useful comment to a post that used the tag.
    There is no need to stake them.

As soon as you use the tag @commentcoin tells you how many coins you own.
You can check this out too via steem-engine.com.

When will you not receive (a) CommentCoin?

  • If the writer does not own (enough) CommentCoin.
    (@commentcoin will leave the author a message).
  • If you give a "cheap" answer or your answer is seen as spam.
    (check @commentcoin for the updates)
  • Bots do not rereceive commentcoins.
    I nor upvotebank does not, it is banned and @council did (I am not sure if this is logical).
    Note: keep an eye on the updates. There will be changes to prevent abuse of it!

@Commentcoin Team:

@kristall97 (Code-Designer)
@alucian (Project-Designer)

For Questions and Informations use the Discord Channel of @alucian please:

See here for the latest info about commentcoin. The news/updates are written in German and English.

Great things about this coin:

  • It is easier to connect. Those using the tag are willing to respond.
  • You meet new peoplepeople.
  • You red posts in different languagenguages.
    You can say I received more or better comm elslse!

UPDATE Oct. 30, 2019

At thisowers (not so important to me I read, comment and upvote what I like) or more upvotes. Time will tell.

I hope you all are willing to comment and use the Commentcoin. The only way to grow, to be seen as a newbie is to engage to others!

![](https://d1vof77qrk4l5q.cloudfront.net/img/be839e39b4a5a tell.

I hope y198ed2077c7.jpg)

Ready for a new addiction?

Use Partiko and collect Partiko points.
Posting, commenting = pointsthers!

You can find out about your amount of Commentcoins via steem-engine.com or try this link https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=accountname (accountname = your name!)

](httpt. There is nothing to lose

Steem is about earning. You need to earn to power up/stake. Without Steem Power (SP) you are not able to post, comment and upvote. Make yourself visible. Use your SP in the most efficient way.

Tips I wrote to help you.

Tip: Introduce yourself!
Use the tag #introduceyourself if you did not do it yet.
(You might meet nice people or get interesting tips.)

Tip 1: How to grow? Use dpoll.xyz!
(Go for the giveaways. Free SBI, upvotes, pal, monster cards).

Tip 2: Join the engagement league.
Be visible, upvote your neighbours like they do with you).

Tip 3: Join #ccc contests if you like to earn!
(Use the tag #ccc for every post with 200+ words)

Tip 4: Share your photos (dapp Appics)

Tip 5: Steem-bounty.com
(Be a bounty hunter, get upvotes and earn forever on your posts!)

Tip 6: Improve your writing skills.
(Read, use Grammarly, practice free writing)

Tip 7: Steembasicincome (SBI)
(Help other and earn yourself too)

Tip 8: Join Actifit.

Tip 9: How to get your upvotes? Bot or not?
Do NOT use bidbots!

Tip 10: Use the right tags!

Tip 11: Giveaway and Thank you.

Tip 12: Have you voted yet?

Tip 13:
To vote or not to vote, that is the question. https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever/@wakeupkitty.pal/actifit-wakeupkitty-pal-20190821t173452907z

Tip 14: I want my money! (Bitvavo)

Tip 15: What option do you have after HF21?

Tip 16: Automatically post, upvote and claim rewards.

Tip 17: New Steem - Steemvoter

Tip 18: Good content again

Tip 19: Limited and if you have to wait.

Tip 20: Help a plankton understand Steemit.

Tip 21: Contests and Photo contests.

Tip 22: A free upvote or promote for an upvote.

Tip 23: Monday Contests & Challenges to join.

Tip 24: Tuesday Contests & Giveaways

Tip 25: Wednesday Easy Contests & more

Tip 26: Thursday Contests & Giveaways.

Tip 27: Friday Good for an Upvote & more!

Tip 28: Saturday Challenges & Giveaways

Tip.29: CAT - CATnip - Kitten

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Comments 89

You provide 11.0 CC for your comments.

26.10.2019 16:13

I wonder if this token can be transferred.
At this moment is my connection too slow to check it out via steem-engine.com.
If anyone knows the answer I would like to hear it.
Thank you very much.

Kann man via steem-engine.com auch anderen hiermit glücklich machen?
Ich meine via transfer.
Meine Verbindung ist leider zu langsam um Steem-engine hochzuladen und das herauszufinden.
Mein herzlichen Dank fürs antworten.

26.10.2019 16:26

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 16:26

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 16:49

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 16:49

Yes, it can without problems. I did it before...

26.10.2019 18:15

Thank you very much for your answer. I will update the post. I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 06:40

@pixelfan Thank you, I tried it and it worked. ❤️Posted with

29.10.2019 15:12

Yes, you´re able to transfer CC with Steem-Engine. :-)
Thank you very much for your insane artikle about this project!!!

27.10.2019 05:26

Insane inventions deserve attention. I did it with a freewrite first and people responded enthousiastic on it. It deserves a place between the tips. For sure this is one of the best tokens there is and I hope it stimulates people to interact more with eachother.
I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

P.s. Good to know I can transfer it I intend to use it for then contests I am running, one will be hosted by @team-ccc and they should use then commentcoin too. 👍🏻😁

27.10.2019 06:44

This is a nice message from you. :-) We are open for good partnerships. :-) Thank you very much kitty, for your high interesting and helping us.

27.10.2019 12:09

Thank you for your respond. I promote it because I believe in it and I truly believe commentcoin will do the community, all communities good. Who doesn't underdtand how it works I will explain and keep explaining. That is why I stas rted this account. To help others.

P.s. If you work on bots not receiving the token I can help you give some names.

27.10.2019 14:27

@alucian I tried it and it worked, so thank you for letting me know. Updated the post too.❤️Posted with

29.10.2019 15:13

Very Nice. :-)

31.10.2019 06:12

@wakeupkitty that is very interesting info does it go along with the ccc tag or different tag?

26.10.2019 16:31

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 16:31

@commentcoin thank you, All this is so new to me even though I have been on steemit for a year, I still can not figure how to post on anything but steemit. Is commentcoin like partiko or palnet ? A place where you can post from?

26.10.2019 16:44

No it is not like palnet. It is a token. The idea behind it is people will start commenting again and you receive comments yourself.

Most people don't and that is not very encouraging.

They have an account where you can read about the latest update. This token is new and they just ran two tests. It did not exist one year ago, not even 6 months ago. It is really brand new.

There is nothing special you need to do to get this coin. Just read and comment on posts that use the cc tag.

As soon as you earned 10 you can use the tag for your post. Those who give you a comment earn a coin. If you answer them you earn too.
It all works automatically.

I think you already earned 2 coins now. 👍🏻💕

26.10.2019 16:55

@wakeupkitty thank you, now I understand

26.10.2019 18:53

Simply give it a try. This is one of the most easiest tokens to use. With the tag you make it possible for people to earn a commentcoin if they visit you. Happy Sunday and good luck. 💕

27.10.2019 06:51

@wakeupkitty how can I see how many commentcoins I have?

28.10.2019 00:11

You can see your amount if you go to: steem-engine.com - sign in - go to wallet or try this link


28.10.2019 07:35

I am happy it is a bit clearer to you now. If not do not hesitate to ask. You should have benefit from this great token too. You are a good writer. Happy dat. 💕

27.10.2019 08:51

@wakeupkitty thank you for all your help

27.10.2019 23:55

@myjob You are always welcome to.ask me. Happy day. ❤️Posted with

29.10.2019 16:13

@wakeupkitty I went to the @steemengine site and found I think it was 5 things that said claim, I claimed them but I have no idea where they went or what do I do with them once I find them. they were from places like palnet, marlians and some others I can not remember.

30.10.2019 02:37

@myjobI cannot load steem-engine now and see what happened.

You do not have to claim these tokens. Only look how many you have! Everything goes automatically.

I let you know how or what.
Just comment on the posts with the #cc tag and earn/collect the couins. If you have 10 you use the tag . If you have 10 again you use the tag again. ❤️Posted with

30.10.2019 17:14

I had a look at your Steem engine wallet.
You had 4 Commentcoin.
I sent you 16.
Now you have 20 Commentcoin.

Read this first!
There has been an update!
Your commentors ONLY get a Steemcoin if you have Commentcoin in your wallet.

This means you can use the tag 1 time. The other 10 you leave in your wallet!
10 people will receive a coin. If more as 10 comment they receive nothing.

Start commenting on posts with this tag first and collect them.
The more coins you have in your wallet, the more people get a coin.
I think 10 is good to start with.

Remember: if you write a post and use the tag you can also earn a coin if you write in your reply something. For example: I invite... to look here.

Let me know if you understand this. You better collect 10 more before you start.

Good luck. 💕

30.10.2019 19:40

@wakeupkitty thank you for the comment coins, I need to get 10 more before I start using it. then I use the tag 1 time until I get 10 more.

30.10.2019 23:40

@myjob You should have 20 now. Just comment on 10 posts with the tag. I use them for my freewrites and contest, freedomshift used it for his contest and so did @team-ccc, mariannewest uses them for her posts too! Did you already use the tag?
Have a great day and always keep at least 10 in your wallet. Happy day. ❤️Posted with

31.10.2019 14:55

@wakeupkitty yes I used the tag with the cold person freewrite, I will build them back up before using it again. It is hard for me to find the time to write the freewrites and read everyones writings, when I am not fishing it is easier for me to do.

01.11.2019 02:58

@myjob you can not read each freewrite neither can I especially not if I loose concious again. I try to follow the tag on 1 or two day. If I recommend a freewrite. The same with the ccc tag. Now I invest more time in the #cc to collect more tags. You will meet the freewriters and cc-members there too. Just say to yourself: I do 8 or 10 with the tag and that is it. Always first write your story. With that you can join a freewrite or two freewrites and if you like even a ccc-contest the one freedomshif hosts.

Yesterday I wrote a freewrite. I used two prompts and with it I also joined the two German prompt and made a Sundaypreach out of it. This is a German idea. So with one story I joined 4 freewrites + the Sunday preach.

It has the commentcoin too.

Posted">https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steemreply/steemreply-stay-in-touch-with-your-steem-network">Posted with

02.11.2019 07:36

This is a different tag. I wrote the first time about it in my freewrite.
You can see for my posts and comment on those where I used the cc tag. This way you earn tokens.

You can earn a commentcoin if you comment here or here or HERE and on this post as well.

I believe this weekend some changes will be made if it comes to commenting.

I wish you luck and a great Saturday.
If you join a ccc contest you need to use both tags #ccc and #cc. 💕

26.10.2019 16:43

@wakeupkitty #commentcoin sent me a coin for commenting on your post, I am confused with the #ccc and just #cc I was wondering if they were the same and the last c did not show. So now I am gathering that they are two different tags but I am to use both when I write for the ccc. But then it says I can not use the #cc until I have 10 coins, is this right?

26.10.2019 16:52

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 16:52

Yes that is right.

ccc stands for the community. You can use this tag for each of your postss that count 200+ words and have the invitation. So not only if you join a contest!

@team-ccc gives upvotes too.which mean you can receive them with each post that has the tag and invitation. On your freewrites too.

cc stands for the token Commentcoin.

You can only use the tag if you have 10 Commentcoin.
The tag activates the fact that those who comment on your post earn a commentcoin and if you answer them you earn too.

So count the coins you have. You can start to comment on some posts with this tag till you have 10.
Next you use the tag #cc on a post and @commentcoin will respond with the amount you have. After posting you will have this amount minus 10!

If people comment you you comment back and if you follow the tag and comment on 4-5 daily you will earn enough to use for 1-2 posts a day.
If you need more you can buy the token via steem-engine.com

Be careful to give a good comment. Not just "thanks". If you leave your entry to.a contest you should write a bit more too as "here is my entry". I think it is too short to be seen as a good comment.

I hope it is clearer now. You can have a look underneath my post to see what messages are given.

Happy Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 08:42

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 08:42

@wakeupkitty thank you, So when I get 10 commentcoins I can use the tas #cc but when I use it I lose the 10 and have to wait till I get another 10?

28.10.2019 00:01

Exactly. You hit the button. I think only to start you need to comment a bit more. Once you use the tag and people comment and you comment back it will go fast. You can always look for 3 posts with the tag daily.

28.10.2019 09:43

@wakeupkitty thank you

29.10.2019 00:02

@myjob You are very welcome. Happy Wednesday. ❤️Posted with

30.10.2019 07:52

I share the same opinion, this could be a hit! (at least, I hope so 😂)

26.10.2019 18:17

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 18:17

Sofar I only heard positive responses and people bought the coin so without any doubt it will be a hit and the coin that brings life and interaction back into this platform. 😁

27.10.2019 06:46

We are late - but it is never too late!! You won a 100% upvote for your comment on the Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite from 9/10/2019. You also received SBI for every time you participated by leaving a comment.
Here is the Reward Announcement: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@freewritehouse/rewards-for-recommend-your-favorite-freewrite-two-months-worth

26.10.2019 18:17

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 18:17

Thank you very much for letting me know. Late or not I am happy with it. I hope you too with the commentcoin. Happy Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 06:53

ES buena la información. Porque al publicar, coloqué la etiqueta y de inmediato, contestaron. Así que ahora se como y cuando usar la etiqueta. Gracias.

26.10.2019 22:12

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

26.10.2019 22:12

¿Ya usaste la etiqueta? Genial lo hiciste. Si responde lo que dice la gente y en otras publicaciones, es difícil quedarse sin comentarios.

¡Buena suerte y genial al escuchar tu publicación! Un abrazo.

27.10.2019 06:51

Buen día. Si, ya la usé, con errores, porque no tenía la información completa. Gracias a tí ya la tengo.

27.10.2019 12:16

No te preocupes No eres el único. También hice una prueba primero y miré lo que sucedió. Una vez que lo sepamos y estemos acostumbrados, funcionará bien. Un abrazo. Creo que tenías 5 commentcoin.

27.10.2019 15:10

Ya me contestaron que no me bloquean por mi error.
Ya tengo 6 comentcoin. Voy suviendo. Gracias amiga por tu valiosa ayuda con la información.
Abrazos a los chicos, hoy domingo en familia.

27.10.2019 16:51

Puede dejar un comentario aquí.


Olvidé usar la etiqueta Commentcoin y la agregué más tarde. Funciona. 💕

27.10.2019 17:52

I purchased my 10 CC and need to get commenting! I think this is the first time I have tried it!

27.10.2019 07:08

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 07:08

Well by now you have another commentcoin. Commenting is the easiest way and who knows what great posts you find and people you met. Good luck!

27.10.2019 14:41

As a member of the @Council - Community Curator Service, this post has received a 100.00% upvote.

Members of the community can all chip in to Power UP. Become a member, delegate 10 or more Steem Power (SP) to @Council to receive upvote and resteem. Here's the link to delegate https://on.king.net/council10sp it will redirect to Steem Connect for a secure connection. We share the Steem Power of all members that delegate to Community Curator Service, sharing our SP for a stronger upvote.

Thank you.
Project Powered by Steemians

27.10.2019 07:18

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 07:18

Thank you very much for the upvote again. I appreciate it and hope you will grow. Happy Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 14:38

What do you mean by "This means 10 Commentcoin for each post you like to use the tag for"?

Do you have to buy 10 more CC every time you post and use the tag?

27.10.2019 07:20

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 07:21

Yes, for each post you want to use the cc tag for you need 10 commentcoin.
You can buy them or simply earn them by reading and commenting posts who use the tag.

You just earned a comment with your questiin, I will earn one because I answer you and if you answer me you have your next commentcoin. It is up to you if you take the time to read and comment and get rewarded for commenting or you buy them.

I.wish you a great Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 14:36

It's a great idea to encourage more curation. I love it! :-)

27.10.2019 14:52

I really hope it works. I think this is the best way to get people so far to do that and leave a message. Now you know someone been there. 💕

27.10.2019 15:15

Your tips are interesting. The best way to enjoy commentcoin is to try and comment something sensible. I've also followed your advice and added cc when I can. 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

27.10.2019 07:39

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 07:39

Thank you for stopping by. I agree you should not use it for each post. For sure you can use it for something that deserves more attention. This is a great way to promote yourself.
Thanks for your complimnt. 💕

27.10.2019 14:31

Congrats on providing Proof of Activity via your Actifit report!

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27.10.2019 11:25

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 11:25

Thank you very much @actifit for stopping by, your reward and the upvote. I wish all actifitters a fit and great Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 14:29


27.10.2019 13:28

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

27.10.2019 13:29

Thank you for stopping by steemkitten. Happy to see you. Some cuddles and a great Sunday for you. 😍💕

27.10.2019 14:24

I am collecting commentcoins now :D
Thanks for the tip!

Posted using Partiko iOS

27.10.2019 14:58

Great you join the commentcoin club now. It is a nice extra. Just follow that tag. I am sure you will meet people you already know. I just posted one in German about freewriting... it was a freewrite. You can comment on that one too. Will you use it for your contest too? I will test if I get more response with my freewrites this way. Happy Sunday. 💕

27.10.2019 15:14

27.10.2019 16:10

Thank you very much. I did not know that list did exist. Lets see what the Commentcoin will do for the Steemhitparade. 👍🏻

27.10.2019 17:55

So you pay 10 cc to enable the giveaway, or do you just need to hold them?

28.10.2019 07:30

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

28.10.2019 07:30

First you earn or buy 10 cc next you can use the tag cc on one of your posts. For each post you need 10 cc. As soon.as you use the tag @creativecoin tells you how many coins you own. This is minus 10.

There is nothing more you need to do. Just earn 10 by commenting, use the tag and those who comment on.your post earn a commentcoin. No staking, holding it all works automatically.

28.10.2019 07:42

ah so you basically pay 10 cc for each post. got it

28.10.2019 09:57

Thank you for sharing this useful information. Today we will starr using it too on our first contest.

28.10.2019 10:58

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

28.10.2019 10:58

Wow thanks for this post i ended buying some cc.

28.10.2019 16:10

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

28.10.2019 16:11

Sorry, @accountsdump you’ve reach daily limit of 10 successful TRDO calls!
Please try again tomorrow!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to steem-engine.com
Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

28.10.2019 16:11

No need to. Just follow the tag cc (click on it) and all posts with this tag show up. By now I posted 5 with this tag see also my other account @wakeupkitty. It goes fast if you comment. Good luck.

28.10.2019 19:37

You have received 1 CommentCoin by writing a comment!

28.10.2019 19:37