My entry to the contest "What does today October 24, 2019 mean to me?" 2.20

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Today was one of these days. A day you think you can change some habits, do it all different from usual with a mess as result. Change is not always efficient.

After I took my kid to the busstop I thought I would have plenty of time for me.
It was the first time the youngest went early (6:12 am) by bike to school. Instead of going back to bed I decided to stay awake and edit my tale during these hours. The first long tale I wrote during #MarchMadness with the freewriters. @mariannewest gave me some tips and hope. No delay, no excuses, difficult or not I started (actually this is the forth time I do. I need to make one file out of the 28 parts I wrote.)

I worked on it for some hours, ignored being tired and dizzy.
I stopped at 10:30 am to do some other things and from that moment on I kept running. I hoped to finish the first 14 part but only did 9.

I hardly been on the internet. Only on socializing for a moment to try out some options. Socializing gave me the Facebook feeling today.

I did not come to writing which isn't good for my mood.
I have a (Dutch story to finish) but the 140 words only come if I start writing. I can not think out a storyline first.

Today was the first time I used the tag #cc.
The commentcoin (cc) can be earned by commenting or bought via If you own 10 you can use the tag. If you leave a good comment on a post with the tag #cc you earn 1 coin.

This CC tag did already do two great things for me. I read better content and I met new people. For sure I will follow this tag from now on.

I will use the cc-token for more posts.
To start with my Saturday contests and who knows the freewrites too. I believe in this coin and hope it will be a big success. For sure I will use it. I hope all CCC-members will join too. It is a great bonus for your readers who take the time to comment and you will meet more steemians willing to engage.

My tip is:

  • follow the #cc tag
  • collect/buy the commentcoin
  • use the tag yourself and
  • engage to others!

Have a look at this photo. These are my tomato plants. A few weeks ago they are frozen. There is hope. Although it is October and Autumn the plants are not dead and there are tomatoes in it.

If Steem does not work for you at the moment keep trying. It is not said your way is not good. It takes time to develop yourself, be discovered and engage to others.

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