Tip 22: A free upvote or promote for an upvote!

If you start on Steemit you can only grow if you earn. You earn by receiving upvotes. The value of the upvote depends on the amount of SP a Steemian has and perhaps Steem its value as well. _(If this is the case this means the votes most of us give are even with 100% worth zero. This is for sure depressing. See steemworld.org/@..... youraccountname)_

Upvotes can be given by:

  • other Steemians
  • certain bots if you subscribe
  • community/accounts if you delegate SP
  • bid-bots
  • in change for points (if you use @partiko for example).

After the latests HFs (August 2019, we had two #21 and #22) the free downvote was introduced.
It was meant to fight bad content and plagiarism but by now it is used for nearly everything Steemians do not like bid-bots for example.

Note: many of those who are fighting bid-bots themselves became big by using them.

I am not an expert if it comes to bid-bots.
In the past days I gathered a bit information about it which is:

  • If you use a bid-bot you pay for an upvote.
    In theory you can pay, for example 20 Steem, to vote on your post. With this upvote your post belongs to the "good content" and probably show up on "trending". This means you pay to be seen and big chance you receive some extra upvotes. But keep in mind you only receive 50% of your earnings, which means you loose 10 Steem.

    If there is a difference how bid-bots work I cannot tell.

  • If you use a bid-bot there is a big chance the downvote-mafia will come to break your neck. They do not want you to use bid-bots although many used several bid-bots for one post themselves.
    You read it right and this also means that it is easy to make good content out of a shitty post.
  • If you decide to use a bid-bot better do not use several different bid-bots on one post because you will attract the attention of someone who loves to send the mafia over to your address and that person even gets payed for it.

Although I thought the bid-bots died or were banned after the HFs they are still there.
bdvoter.com is one of them. They left me a comment lately and said they gave me an upvote. I assume this is their way of marketing?
I had a look at their site and you can do two things:

  • leave your link for an upvote and pay
  • delegate SP
    If delegating to them will give you a free upvote I cannot tell.

As I understand @tipu is a bid-bot too.

There are ways to get an upvote.

The best way to receive upvotes is by joining communities/being in a circle where you curate/upvote eachother.

Tip 1: How to grow? Use dpoll.xyz!
(Go for the giveaways. Free SBI, upvotes, pal, monster cards).

Tip 2: Join the engagement league.
Be visible, upvote your neighbours like they do with you).

Tip 3: Join #ccc contests if you like to earn!
(Use the tag #ccc for every post with 200+ words)

Tip 4: Share your photos (dapp Appics)

Tip 5: Steem-bounty.com
(Be a bounty hunter, get upvotes and earn forever on your posts!)

Tip 6: Improve your writing skills.
(Read, use Grammarly, practice free writing)

Tip 7: Steembasicincome (SBI)
(Help other and earn yourself too)

Tip 8: Join Actifit.

Tip 9: How to get your upvotes? Bot or not?
Do NOT use bidbots!

Tip 10: Use the right tags!

Tip 11: Giveaway and Thank you.

Tip 12: Have you voted yet?

Tip 13:
To vote or not to vote, that is the question. https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever/@wakeupkitty.pal/actifit-wakeupkitty-pal-20190821t173452907z

Tip 14: I want my money! (Bitvavo)

Tip 15: What option do you have after HF21?

Tip 16: Automatically post, upvote and claim rewards.

Tip 17: New Steem - Steemvoter

Tip 18: Good content again

Tip 19: Limited and if you have to wait.

Tip 20: Help a plankton understand Steemit.

Tip 21: Contests and Photo contests.

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