What the letters CCC mean to me 2.16

What do the letters CCC mean to me?

First of all, I find this the hardest contest of all CCC-contests.

C = creativity
I try to be as creative as possible if it comes to living my life, solving issues, contact others, scheduling my time, posting here on Steem.

C = communication.
It simply does not feel okay to be on a platform without communicating with other people. At times it is fine, but generally speaking, it doesn't work.
No matter if it is a compliment or complains it is a comment and it deserves some attention. Someone invested time and energy and this is rare these days.
I can tell you communicating is hard with a slow connection but also in different languages.
Again creativity is asked and... the help of translators.

C = compromise(s)
I make compromises, in real life and on Steem. My biggest compromise is to give up on writing what I like to host contests and to join contests and challenges.

CCC became family, at this moment I am closer to the CCC members as any other Community. It looks as if they are more creative to be here, more willing to communicate by commenting or sharing their (life) stories by joining the contests.

Looking back I found it hard to join this contest but I am also proud of an entry I once wrote.

This is how it once all started for me.
A good and dear memory

ccc what does it mean to me?

As you all can read and see๐Ÿค“
I am a new member of #ccc.
Thanks to @paulag ๐Ÿ‘
and thanks to her I joined @oliviack ๐Ÿ˜
he even gave me a 'welcome to #ccc' gift.๐Ÿ‘
Read more here.

Now we look forward.
In only a few months time I am hosting the most difficult contest there is. That was the reason I changed it a bit and I am asking you _What do the letters CCC mean to you?" because this community is about you, the members, and all of you are creative enough to give meaning to the letter C in your own way.

Not so fit.

Some of you are suffering from the flu. I hope you get well soon. The only thing I am suffering from is allergies and dizzyness/feeling sleepy.
Altogether this is way better as sleepless nights and terrible pains.

My activity is getting less if it comes to keep moving but I can assure you I am active and thinking and learning eats energy too.

My youngest lost some weight again. It goes up and down, the down takes long. It knows when to stop earing which is a good thing and it is not a kid that steals food, still makes 5 days a week nearly 20k steps.

Some tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

Please, ask for help if you need some.
You can ask me, @fitinfun has many tips and lots of experience and there is @steem-aide.
You are free to join a community but there is no need to do so to make it here.

Contact for free

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Use https://giftgiver.me for extra SP to be able to post/reply! If you are low on SP. SP will be delegated to you for 48 hours.

@dustsweeper is no longer active.

If you delegated SP you can stop with it. It is useless to pay to get your dust swept.
@dustbunny is still active and will continue sweeping dust! See for more info their account and if you can delegate SP to them.

Met @catnet yet?

There are kittens. ๐Ÿ˜ Have a look at this account.

The primary function of holding CAT is to bring the kitten-bots to deliver cuddles for you.

The funds raised so far have allowed the kitten bots to receive a bit of power-up and @catnet for the coming 6 months.

With the PAW-TRAILS update in operation CATnip hodlers should actually see some of their cuddles returning real STEEM rewards to them.

More fun things to do, like the CALL-A-KITTEN service, will be added in the future. Your CAT stake will be good for more than one thing, eventually. Also, any income with the program, posting-rewards and token-sales, will be used to further grow the project.
See here.

Join the daily 5-minute freewrite

See @mariannewest for a daily prompt
and @freiesschreiben (Deutschsprachig) and help yourself to improve your writing skills and to a subject to write about.
The @freewritehouse has contests to join too.

Less as 500 sp?

You can no longer join the Redfish Power UP League once hosted by @paulag!
You can see if you can join the engagement league @abh12345 is hosting.
If you do you will here once a week a lot more about your work and engagement level on Steem. There is a big prize to win!

Join the CCC contests!

CCC stands for Curation Circle Creed
There are 4 weekly contests and you can earn for several reasons even if you not win. Being a new member is one of them.
It is a great way to earn in a fast way and to collect SBI shares. You only need to write 200+ words and answer the question.

Use partiko

How about giving it a try yourself f?
With my lousy, unstable connection it is the only app that still works most of the times. I can post with it and the notifications show an overview with who voted, commented and mentioned you.
You earn points if you use it for posting, commenting and upvoting (partiko points can be traded into Steem).
Try it. There is nothing to lose

Note: At this moment not all replies (and upvotes) are posted. Check it or use something else.

More tips you can find at @wakeupkitty.pal.

Use them to grow especially if your connection is fine and not as slow as mine.

@team-ccc is the account where you can find info

about the Community CCC, contests running, the members and more.

Do you like photography?

Appics is a great app. Go to appics.com and ask to be an 'early bird'.
Please, add text to your pictures. A good post has text no matter if it is a meme, photo, drawing, actifit report, etc. With Appics you can comment and upvote and earn token too.

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

If I can I use SteemCoinpan for posting
Note: SteemCoinpan wants you to use three tags!

  1. sct
  2. sct-en (or one of the other languages)
  3. sct-diary or an other subject.
    Posting via SteemCoinpan saves me the first tag plus I can use more tags. Your post will automatically show up on Steemit.com

My Diary Days

Diary Day #1 - Sept. 13, 2019
A day full of surprises - Sept. 13, 2019

Diary Day #2 - Sept. 14, 2019
Slow Saturday and a golden dragon - Sept. 14, 2019

Diary Day #3 - Sept. 15, 2019
Magical Sunday - Sept. 15, 2019

Diary Day #4 - Sept. 16, 2019
Promising Monday

Diary Day #5 - Sept. 17, 2019
Thoughtful Tuesday

Diary Day #6 - Sept. 18, 2019
What today meant to me

Diary Day #7 - Sept. 19, 2019
Terrible Thursday

Diary Day #8 - Sept. 20, 2019
Finally Friday

Diary Day #9 - Sept. 21, 2019
Slowing down on Saturday

Diary Day #10 - Sept. 22, 2019
Messy Sunday

Diary Day #11 - Sept. 23, 2019
I do like Mondays

Diary Day #12 - Sept. 24, 2019
Tasty Tuesday

Diary Day #13 - Sept. 25, 2019
A wicked Wednesday

Diary Day #14 - Sept. 26, 2019
A typical Thursday

Diary Day #15 - Sept. 27, 2019
[Finally Friday](https://https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever/@wakeupkitty/4afk4p-finally-friday

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Me encanta y me hace sonreir, cuando leo esta publicaciรณn que haces con otra cara. Parece que es otra y luego se mezcla con la misma. Como dicen en mi paรญs. "Compras y das el vuelto". Que bueno tener dos veces, publicaciones tuyas. Feliz dรญa y en espera del prรณximo concurso.

30.09.2019 12:17

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