A walk in bright light

If you stay inside you can walk with me.

I live on the country and am free to go outside. No one will bill me for going outside, alone or with more as three.

Welcome to my world.
The fence came to keep people outside. It was normal to use our territory to pass through. The neighbors even dumped their trash at my place and stole our trees to make firewood out of it.

We always keep the gate closed unless we leave.

The road is empty.
I took a part of it to see if there was mail.

Time outside is mainly spent to mow.
This part is finished. A small mower does the job it's better to hurry.

This is one of the worst parts.
Longer grass more weeds but this is the field where poppies will grow (good for syrup and jam).

Little flowers hiding between the grass.

You saw it right cams watching the place.

A part of this land was mowed yesterday.
The highest spots were finished today. A heavy task for a small mower and the wheels fell off about ten times or more. Yesterday it was only once.
Today about 1/3 of the ground is mowed. From now on it will get harder.

I saw the shepherd pass by with two shopping bags filled with food. Usually he eats at the farmer's house I guess he is no longer welcome although he would be the last one spreading the virus.

I went out for a walk.
It's good to sniff around somewhere else once in a while.
Later I will tramp on some grass and weed and help to remove it.

Know if you are ever in need flowers you can eat.
You can make jam out of dandelions too and the leaves are good for a salad.

This is my entry to the Wednesday walk hosted by @tattoodjay and the Make Me Smile challenge hosted by @elizacheng

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19.03.2020 16:55

A cool post. Sorry to hear your neighbours steal things.

19.03.2020 17:09

Parrly habit, partly piverty. Why buy if you can steal?

23.03.2020 07:26

A lovely walk, looks remote till you show the security camera, shocking someone stole your tree

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

19.03.2020 17:17

They stole more as one. They were huge you cannot just take them underneath your arm. The farmer must have given a hand with his tractor.

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Thank you

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