052520 - Monday, Monday...

I was awake early but it was not out of free will.
Of course I told myself I would go back to bed and of course that didn't happen.
I tried the internet connection it worked slow so I did check out what I needed to check and next the bus-kid woke up snd needed the connection for school.
By that time I already had my two spoons of hemp oil (Omega 3) and drank 2 bekers (water and tea I believe).

I wrote an article about "the power of positive thinking".
It must be terrible if you are forced to be different from what you are. It explains to me why so many people worldwide are depressed and suffer from anxiety.

I will start with tipu again. I hope it still works. I test it out today.

Food on the table.
Pineapple (terribly taste)
The bus-kid made some French fries and I ate a meat ball with it.
A beker orange juice.
Not hungry to have a second meal.

8 pm I went to bed.
I couldn't sleep so came out around 9 pm and now I go back to bed.
The kid and I keep sneezing. Allergies 🤧

Published today (May, 25, 2020)

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