Why Trudeau Has To Back Off If The Canada Infrastructure Bank Is To Succeed

## [Markets shrug off Trump's COVID diagnosis — and that may be more bad news for the president: Victor Ferreira](https://financialpost.com/investing/markets-shrug-off-trumps-covid-diagnosis-and-that-may-be-more-bad-news-for-the-president)
> The president of the United States contracted COVID-19, a virus proven to be particularly deadly for senior citizens such as himself, just weeks before one of the most anticipated elections in his country’s history — but for investors the development appears …
## [Suncor Energy to lay off up to 2,000 people: Geoffrey Morgan](https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/suncor-energy-to-lay-off-up-to-2000-people)
> CALGARY – Suncor Energy Inc., which was until recently Canada’s most valuable oil and gas company, plans to lay off up to 15 per cent of its staff, or 2,000 of its workforce, in a bid to reduce costs. The company hosted an employee conference call…
## [Why Trudeau has to back off if the Canada Infrastructure Bank is to succeed: Kevin Carmichael](https://financialpost.com/news/economy/why-trudeau-has-to-back-off-if-the-canada-infrastructure-bank-is-to-succeed)
> Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the daily face of his government’s response to the COVID crisis, wasn’t going to miss a $10-billion announcement . So there he was on Oct. 1, big-footing his infrastructure minister, Catherine M…
## [Toronto in top 3 real estate bubbles in the world, UBS survey finds: Yadullah Hussain](https://financialpost.com/news/toronto-in-top-3-real-estate-bubbles-in-the-world-ubs-survey-finds)
> Toronto is now among the three most overpriced real estate markets in the world, according to a new survey.

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