While Millions Struggle To Make Ends Meet During Lockdown, Others Are Saving A Fortune

While millions struggle to make ends meet during lockdown, others are saving a fortune: Victor Ferreira

They're using freed-up cash to do everything from fast-track what were once long-term financial goals to bolstering their investment portfolios

Apple to hold virtual developer conference June 22, later than usual: Bloomberg News

Delay likely also pushes back Apple's software testing cycle, which could be another indicator of this year's iPhones launching later than usual

How Europe got caught up in crackpot 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories: Financial Times

At a time of crisis, people want answers — and 5G is a really simple answer

Howard Levitt: The bitter truth for unionized employees — they can be laid off during the coronavirus crisis: Howard Levitt

Non-union ones, with some exceptions, cannot be without the risk of wrongful dismissal damages

BMO says 80% of its employees may switch to blended home-office work: Bloomberg News

Bank made a sweeping reappraisal of workplace policies after it found being in the office was not essential to getting things done

Financial planning during quarantine: What you can do right now: Leigh Taveroff

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many of us a financial curveball – do you know where you stand today?

Canada’s trade deficit widens to almost $1.5 billion in March; April will be worse: Reuters

'This is probably just the start of the decline'

Markets gain in second day of risk-off mood as more economies ease coronavirus lockdowns: Bloomberg News

Oil heads for its longest winning streak in nine months

Investors sour on airline sector as Warren Buffett exits top U.S. carriers: Victor Ferreira

Buffett, who held around a 10 per cent stake in each Big Four U.S. airline, said his investment in the group was a mistake

‘People are particularly susceptible right now’: Ontario Securities Commission on alert amid ‘uptick’ in scams during pandemic: Barbara Shecter

When acting head Grant Vingoe took the helm of Canada’s biggest market watchdog April 15 it was anything but business as usual

Why some new businesses are springing up during COVID-19: Postmedia

Thinking of starting a new business? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just take what you're seeing in the market today and apply it to your next business venture in a unique way.

Apple borrows on the cheap to fund buybacks, dividends: Reuters

Apple capitalized on the Federal Reserve's emergency measures in response to the coronavirus outbreak to issue its cheapest bonds in year

The pandemic ‘unicorn’: Canadian startup dependent on travel joins $1-billion-plus club: James McLeod

Platform connects international students to universities, colleges and high schools with one application system

‘Swing pipeline’: Enbridge eyes long-term contracts while competing projects are under construction: Geoffrey Morgan

'It is apparent some parties remain opposed to the application and want to have its adjudication deferred as long as possible'

Setback to Montreal retail reopening shows rocky path to getting economy running again: Bloomberg News

The high number of COVID-19 cases in Montreal hospitals caused Premier Francois Legault to postpone store openings by a week


Wall St closes higher with help from tech, energy - Financial Post:

U.S. stocks ended higher on Monday as gains in large tech and Internet companies and rising oil prices outweighed concerns sparked by fresh U.S.-China tensions and downbeat sentiment from the annua…

U.S. Treasury expects to borrow record $3 trillion in second quarter — more than it normally borrows in a year: Reuters

Contending with the coronavirus

Market and economic uncertainty reign, even in the mind of Warren Buffett: Larry Sarbit

Larry Sarbit: As Buffett recently said, we face the unknown, but as conservative investors we're ensuring we're prepared to act once facts become more knowable

Elon Musk puts two homes up for sale after vow to sell most possessions: Bloomberg News

He's seeking a combined US$39.5 million for the Bel Air properties, including one that was previously owned by the late Gene Wilder

Canadian Tim Bray quits $1 million job as Amazon engineer to protest firing of warehouse ‘whistleblowers’: Bloomberg News

Bray said firing whistleblowers evidence of the toxicity running through the company culture

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