U.S. Covid-19 Cases Surpass 20 Million As Deaths Mount - Financial Post

Non-resident appeals TFSA tax penalty imposed by the CRA ... and wins: Jamie Golombek

Canadian residents can now contribute an additional $6,000 to their tax-free savings account (TFSA) since the calendar has rolled over to a new year. And, for those who have never opened up a TFSA, who were at least 18 years old in 2009, and have been a resid…

Couple's retirement complicated by 18-year age difference, money-losing condo and mountain of cash earning nothing: Andrew Allentuck


Couple has $3,297,193 net worth, including a leveraged investment in a money-losing condo


Keep the condo, invest $814,000 of cash and rebalance portfolio, sustain long-term income

In Ontario, …

Why keeping a few simple investment resolutions for a few days can change your outlook for a few years: Tom Bradley

New Year’s resolutions feel good when you’re making them, but rarely have an impact on behaviour since they don’t tend to last beyond the first few days or weeks of the year.

Gyms are the poster child for this lack of staying power. Right after Ne…

David Rosenberg: Two big problems with the 'pent-up demand' everybody is counting on: David Rosenberg

You can’t go anywhere these days and not hear about the pent-up demand “V-shaped” recovery that awaits us once we all get vaccinated (or enough of us). This is premised on the assumption that we will all be going out to eat, fly and do everything that is fun …

Burning Questions: Will Canadians spend their mountain of saved cash to rescue the economy?: Geoff Zochodne

James Lorimer Ilsley managed Canada’s fiscal affairs during the Second World War, overseeing an unprecedented period of government spending as the finance minister in William Lyon Mackenzie King’s cabinet.

By June 1946, though, Ilsley and others w…

Alternative lenders to resume share buybacks even though big banks still can't: Geoff Zochodne

Alternative mortgage lenders Equitable Group Inc. and Home Capital Group Inc. are ready to buy back stock again after a pandemic-related timeout, a sign of confidence that follows a bumpy year, and one that comes as Canada’s biggest banks remain barred from t…

Middle income Canadians to take bigger hit when CPP premiums go up Friday, because of the pandemic: The Canadian Press

Middle income Canadians to take bigger hit when CPP premiums go up Friday, because of the pandemicfinancialpost.com

Showdown 2021: Why Bitcoin and gold investors may both be right in the year ahead: Gabriel Friedman

Exactly one year ago, Peter Grosskopf, chief executive of Sprott Inc., a Toronto-based gold fund, was eagerly anticipating the next 12 months: interest rates were low and government debt was growing, strong signs in his eyes that gold would run.


After a stellar year, natural gas producers eye repeat performance in 2021: Geoffrey Morgan

CALGARY — As their oil-focused peers languished this year, Canadian natural gas producers enjoyed high commodity prices for the first time in years — and analysts expect a repeat performance in 2021.

Alberta’s natural gas benchmark AECO traded abo…

Burning Questions: Will we be able to return to the skies any time soon?: Barbara Shecter

Burning Questions: The pandemic has left a multitude of unknowns in its wake. In a year-end series, the Financial Post explores some of the most intriguing.

The rollout of vaccines that inoculate against COVID-19 is injecting hope that next year w…

David Kaufman: Cybersecurity will be hot sector and other trends in 2021: Larysa Harapyn

David Kaufman, CEO of Westcourt Capital, speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the factors that will shape the post-pandemic economic recovery.

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