The Davids Can Beat The Money Management Goliaths — As Long As They Stick To Their Strengths - [2021-04-09 Q880Dj]

## Low rates leave policymakers with tough choices as pandemic housing boom rages: Geoff Zochodne
[Rock-bottom interest rates that have helped prop up the Canadian economy during the pandemic are also helping fuel frenzied activity in the housing market, putting policymakers and regulators in something of a bind when it comes to what they can — or should —…](
## 'A short on human ingenuity': Why CPPIB's new chief says fossil fuel divestment is off the table under his watch: Barbara Shecter
[The new chief executive of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has no plans to institute a blanket divestment of oil and gas assets during his tenure, in part because he believes science will find solutions to many of the issues that have made environmen…](
## This Alberta couple wants to spend on some big ticket items — can they retire now or should they wait?: Andrew Allentuck
[In Alberta, a couple we’ll call Robert, 62, and Ashley, 56, have an income of $6,700 per month after tax. Robert is retired but does occasional teaching. Ashley does occasional part time office work. They have assets of $1,630,500 including a $550,000 house w…](
## Canada’s recovery kicks into higher gear, gaining thousands more jobs than expected - Financial Post: Bloomberg News
  1. Canada’s recovery kicks into higher gear, gaining thousands more jobs than expected Financial Post
  2. Canada adds 303,000 jobs in March, unemployment rate falls BNN
  3. Central Okanagan's unemployment rate second best in Canada - Kelown…](
    ## Howard Levitt: Some lawyers are promising greater awards for wrongfully dismissed employees in COVID-19 era. They’re wrong: Howard Levitt
    [Twice a week for over a year, I have been writing here about employment law in the age of COVID-19. But I have not discussed either of the two biggest questions COVID-19 poses for parties involved in wrongful dismissal cases. Since the pandemic ha…](
    ## Finance minister says pandemic shows need for national childcare plan: Reuters
    [Finance minister says pandemic shows need for national childcare](
    ## The Davids can beat the money management Goliaths — as long as they stick to their strengths: Tom Bradley
    [The business world is in a constant state of consolidation. Customers that used to have multiple options now have two or three. In many cases, the options are owned by the same company (Fido and Rogers; Tangerine and Scotiabank, Swoop and WestJet). …](
    ## Difference between current and capital expenses has big tax consequences for rental property owners: Jamie Golombek
    [With the price of residential real estate skyrocketing across some Canadian markets, especially in the greater Toronto area (GTA), it’s no wonder real estate investors have been joining the buying frenzy in recent months. Many are hoping to cash in on signifi…](
    ## Tightening mortgage stress test could have fast impact on housing market, RBC CEO says: Geoff Zochodne
    [The chief executive of Royal Bank of Canada on Thursday said that a proposed tweak to a mortgage stress test could have a swift effect on the housing market, which he also noted is currently beset by limited supply and a surge in demand. RBC presi…](
    ## Canopy sets sights on U.S. and German markets after snapping up Supreme Cannabis for $435 million: Avery Mullen
    [After snapping up two companies in two weeks to cement its market share in Canada, Canopy Growth Corp. is preparing for a targeted international expansion, according to its CEO. Canopy said Thursday it is buying The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. i…](
    ## Safeguards needed to protect households from rising interest rates if inflation kicks in, CIBC's Dodig says: Stefanie Marotta
    [Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce chief executive Victor Dodig expects the economy will recover quickly as COVID-19 restrictions ease, but that policymakers will need to implement safeguards to protect households and businesses from rising interest rates. …](
    ## Postmedia records slight profit in second quarter despite decline in revenue: Financial Post Staff
    [Postmedia Network Canada Corp. posted a slim profit for its fiscal second quarter despite a 21 per cent decline in overall revenue, according to results released on Thursday. Revenue fell to $106 million for the three-month period ended Feb. 28, 20…](
    ## Canadian companies shoot for the stars (literally). Next up: the moon, maybe Mars: Joe O'Connor
    [Félix Lajeunesse was, professionally speaking, doing “great” on a weekday morning right before Easter weekend. On a personal level, however, he was feeling pretty knocked about by life. The source of his angst was a missing wallet, a keeper of cre…](
    ## Inflation's coming: Consumers to pay dearly for supply chain snarls: Larysa Harapyn
    [Retail Council of Canada CEO Diane Brisebois speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn in the video below about the ongoing effects of the shipping blockage in the Suez Canal.

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