The Bank Of Canada Has A Dilemma. Instead Of Looking To The Fed, Maybe It Should Look To Norway

The Bank of Canada has a dilemma. Instead of looking to the Fed, maybe it should look to Norway: Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael: There is no way to model trade uncertainty, and policy makers appear unwilling to risk blowing their inflation target on a hunch

David Rosenberg: What’s happening to yields matters more than the curve, but the news still isn’t good: David Rosenberg

Everyone should know that you don’t need an inversion to move into recession

People in Argentina are pulling millions of dollars from the banks amid currency crisis fears: Bloomberg News

Argentines withdrew more than US$700 million from their dollar-denominated accounts on Monday and Tuesday alone

Five eyebrow-raising market events that have nothing to do with Trump: Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson: So much for a quiet summer. The markets remain interesting, with plenty of strange stuff to report on

A guide to investing from the Waltons, the richest family on the planet: Bloomberg News

Despite their staggering wealth, the older generation kept their investments under wraps. But that's changing as the younger Waltons exert more influence

Callidus Capital shareholder reaches deal to take company private as debt mounts: Bloomberg News

Callidus could face ‘insolvency and/or liquidation’ due to significant losses that will leave it unable to repay loans without the go-private transaction

OSC blocks CannTrust insiders from buying, trading company stock: Barbara Shecter

Those subject to the order are directors, officers or other insiders who had or may have had access to 'material information… that has not been generally disclosed'

Posthaste: Brace yourself for a hard landing, silver to outshine gold and unsold weed triggers Canopy sell-off - Financial Post:

Posthaste: Brace yourself for a hard landing, silver to outshine gold and unsold weed triggers Canopy sell-off Financial Post Ex-Canopy boss Bruce Linton buys more shares in 'August sale' - Article - BNN Canopy Growth still three to five years…

The $3.4-trillion haven where investors ‘hide out for a while’: Bloomberg News

As fears of a global economic slowdown deepen and stock prices swing wildly, many U.S. investors are running for cover in money-market funds

Some of Canada’s hottest tech firms are weighing IPOs following success of Lightspeed, Shopify rally: Bloomberg News

Here's what the startups' founders are saying about the future of their companies, and the potential for initial public offerings

Here’s why silver could still outshine gold this year, despite weaker fundamentals: Nicholas Sokic

Silver has been up more than 11 per cent for the year to US$17.22 per ounce — and could go as high as US$19

NASA picks Alabama site as HQ for human moon lander program -sources - Financial Post:

NASA picks Alabama site as HQ for human moon lander program -sources Financial Post NASA official gets look at next moon rocket Associated Press Texas-Alabama tussle heats up over where to locate new moon program POLITICO View full coverage on Google News

Banks are now paying people to borrow money — and that’s a really bad sign for the global economy: Washington Post

Danish lender offering mortgages at -0.5%

Intact Financial to buy Guarantee Co, Frank Cowan for $1 billion: Reuters

Deal adds new products for its high net worth customers

Robo adviser Wealthsimple targets Canada’s richest families with Grayhawk partnership: Bloomberg News

Partnership allows Wealthsimple to offer Grayhawk strategies to advisers with wealthy clients on its platform

Bill Ackman pays ultimate homage to idol Warren Buffett with $686-million bet on Berkshire Hathaway: Reuters

The new stake in Berkshire Hathway will be a passive investment for Pershing Square

GE falls after Madoff whistleblower alleges its finances ‘more serious than Enron or WorldCom accounting frauds’: Reuters

Harry Markopolos accuses General Electric of hiding $38.1 billion in potential losses

Droughts, devaluation and default fears: Why Argentina is in meltdown mode: Joe Chidley

Argentina is making financial news again — but not in a good way

The recession question we should be asking isn’t ‘when’ but ‘how bad?’: Joe Chidley

Joe Chidley: The triggers of previous downturns aren't entirely the same today, but there is one new near-to-bursting bubble

Trade wars bring deep uncertainty, disrupted supply chains, battered bottom lines to farming industry: Naomi Powell

No other sector has been caught in the global trade crossfire quite like Canadian agriculture

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