Shopify To Launch Its Own Take On The Business Bank Account

Why the easy ride policymakers have had on meeting inflation targets may be over: Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael: A shift in consumer spending patterns and productivity after the onset of the pandemic will skew normally static numbers

UPDATE 1-Trump opens door to in-person G7 June meeting amid coronavirus: Reuters

(Adds background, details on COVID-19 in U.S.) WASHINGTON, May 20 (Reuters) — U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he may seek to revive a face-to-face meeting of G7 leaders near Washington, after earlier canceling the in-person gathering of world le…

‘We’re through the valley of death’: Oil investors more optimistic, but sector still faces uncertainty: Victor Ferreira

For energy companies clawing their way back from the crash any recovery will be a slow burn

‘Mad scramble’: Toronto restaurant sector sees flurry of dealmaking amid closures, struggles to pay rent: Vanmala Subramaniam

The turmoil has sparked a new flexibility in negotiating leases and in buying or selling restaurants that the sector has not seen in years

Shopify to launch its own take on the business bank account: Geoff Zochodne

Merchants will be able to make deposits, withdraw funds, pay bills and track transactions through the no-monthly-fee, no-minimum-balance account

Inflation falls below zero in Canada for first time since 2009: Bloomberg News

Weak demand should keep inflation at extremely low levels for an extended period, and could even spur worries about deflation

Feds to seek equity or cash from companies applying for new COVID-19 loan program: The Canadian Press

Large companies that receive bridge financing through a new federal loan program will have to give the government the option to take an ownership stake, or provide a cash equivalent

Feds to unveil today details of loan program for large corporations: The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The federal government is beefing up efforts to persuade businesses to rehire workers now that Canada’s economy is starting to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown. It is expected today to unveil more details of its promised loan program for large corpo…

U.S. Futures Rise, Europe Stocks Pare Declines: Markets Wrap: Bloomberg News

(Bloomberg) — U.S. equity futures rose on Wednesday while European stocks fluctuated as investors weighed conflicting signals on the outlook for markets. Treasuries and European bonds dipped. Contracts on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes rebounded, after tu…

(OFFICIAL)-Global law firms invest $10 million to set up industry tech platform - Financial Post:

SINGAPORE — Three law firms from the United States, Britain and Asia have jointly invested over $10 million in a U.S.-based legal tech start-up that is developing an ‘open’ indust…

UK sells first government bond with a negative yield: Reuters

LONDON, May 20 (Reuters) — Britain sold a government bond that pays a negative yield for the first time on Wednesday – meaning that Britain’s government is effectively being paid to borrow as investors agreed to be paid back slightly less than they lent. The …

Learn how to use Excel to budget your finances during this economic downturn: Postmedia

Taking control of your finances can seem daunting, but using Excel can make the process far easier.

Alberta gears up for another legal battle over Keystone XL after Biden vows to pull permissions: Geoffrey Morgan

Next U.S. president has the power to force TC Energy to dig up the pipeline, says one legal scholar

Johnson & Johnson is discontinuing talc baby powder in U.S., Canada: Bloomberg News

Thousands of lawsuits alleging asbestos contamination led to a decline in sales

Howard Levitt: Why using COVID-19 as an excuse to fire certain employees could be deemed illegal: Howard Levitt

Such fired employees are entitled to substantial compensation in addition to reinstatement or wrongful dismissal damages

Warren Buffett cuts crisis-era bet on Goldman Sachs: Bloomberg News

Berkshire Hathaway sold 84 per cent of its Goldman Sachs stock in the first quarter

Apex Legends maker expands into Canada with new Vancouver studio: Chad Sapieha

New Respawn Entertainment location is currently hiring with a focus on live services for EA's blockbuster shooter

Facebook to pay $9 million in settlement with Competition Bureau over privacy control claims: James McLeod

Settles claims Facebook gave a false impression over control of personal information accessible to third-party developers

Understanding debt and debt financing during the pandemic: Leigh Taveroff

Is debt a lifeline or can it sink your financial boat?

What playing Monopoly during lockdown can teach Canadians about real estate and cash flow: Martin Pelletier

Martin Pelletier: Instead of keeping a close eye on managing cash flow and building a safety net, Canadians have gone on a real estate buying binge

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