Shopify Launches Retail Card Reader In Canada As Merchants Prepare For Post-Covid Commerce

## [Tech giant Tencent invests in Tim Hortons to expand in Chinese market: Reuters](
> Coffee shop chain wants to expand store numbers in China from 50 now to 1,500
## [Nightmare at Sea Ends In Death for Some Cruise Ship Workers...: ](
> Nightmare at Sea Ends In Death for Some Cruise Ship WorkersBy K. Oanh Ha and Jonathan Levin(Bloomberg) —Lauren Carrick and fiance Joe Harrison haven’t had a good night’s sleep in …
## [Tim Hortons lays out its path back to normal, hoping to reopen dining areas by next month: Jake Edmiston](
> Iconic coffee chain will widen the space between tables and sanitize tables and chairs after each use
## [Shopify launches retail card reader in Canada as merchants prepare for post-COVID commerce: James McLeod](
> Shopify introducing its tap-and-chip payment terminal, which will let retailers accept debit and credit card transactions
## [Why YouTube has become lucrative alternative revenue stream for entrepreneurs: Postmedia](
> While launching a YouTube channel is free, creating winning content isn't so simple.
## [‘If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me’: Elon Musk says Tesla will defy California county and reopen car plant - Financial Post: ](
  1. ‘If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me’: Elon Musk says Tesla will defy California county and reopen car plant  Financial Post
  2. Recode's Kara Swisher on Elon Musk's threat to move Tesla's headquarters  CNBC Television
  3. Tesl…
    ## [It’s never a good idea to let yield drive your investment decision — especially now: Martin Pelletier](
    > Martin Pelletier: If investors change their habits and start to provide support to those companies focused on growing, they will in turn hire more employees and strengthen the economy
    ## [Amid industry-wide cutbacks, some Canadian startups are launching hiring sprees: The Logic](
    > These half-dozen firms are looking to fill the gap, picking up talent from rivals and expanding while others pull back
    ## [Movie-theatre owner AMC Entertainment surges 56% on report of takeover talks with Amazon: Bloomberg News](
    > Buying a theatre chain would guarantee another outlet for Amazon's movies
    ## [Howard Levitt: Can your employer change your job role when you return to work?: Howard Levitt](
    > Companies generally reserve the right to direct your work and assign duties as it sees fit, within reason
    ## [Shadow banking lenders and borrowers at risk of being left out in cold by federal credit-support programs: Geoff Zochodne](
    > Criteria for delivering federal-backed loans during the coronavirus pandemic is excluding a number of non-bank lenders
    ## [Trend Micro Research Identifies Critical Industry 4.0 Attack Methods - Financial Post: ](
    > Trend Micro Research Identifies Critical Industry 4.0 Attack Methods. Research report outlines advanced attack scenarios and recommendations for OT operators. DALLAS ), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today released research describing how advanc…
    ## [Bitcoin had a rough weekend as price slumped back below $10,000: Bloomberg News](
    > The cryptocurrency fell 10 per cent on Sunday, its biggest one-day drop since March 12
    ## [Canada to help large companies bridge coronavirus crisis with financing facility: National Post Wire Services](
    > Rules on access to the money will place limits on dividends, share buy-backs and executive pay
    ## [Disneyland Shanghai reopens to a whole new word of masks, distance and hand sanitizer: Bloomberg News](
    > The reopening is one of the largest test cases yet of whether mass gatherings can take place safely amid the virus pandemic
    ## [AGCO Recasts Vision to Underscore Its Commitment to Providing Sustainable High-Tech Solutions - Financial Post: ](
    > DULUTH, Ga. — AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, today announced it is highlighting its commitment to brin…
    ## [Stock futures are falling this morning as investors turn wary on reports of a pick-up in new coronavirus cases: Reuters](
    > Just when markets were cheering reopening of economies South Korea sees second wave of infections from nightclubs and bars
    ## [Boost your company’s morale with this plug-and-play video montage creator: Postmedia](
    > It's never too late to show your employees that you appreciate them, especially during this difficult time. Tribute videos are a fun way to show your gratitude.
    ## [Lessons from these great minds can help you develop your professional skill set: Postmedia](
    > Learn important skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication, creativity, leadership, and more—conveniently from your home with this impressive library of lectures.
    ## [Feeling burnt out while working from home? Here are five tips that can help: Postmedia](
    > The benefits of working from home can eventually turn into stressful situations.
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