Posthaste: Labour Shortages In This Critical Industry Seen Adding To Canadian Supply Chain Crunch - [2021-11-05 Pvecpa]

Fears about skyrocketing dairy prices may be misplaced, economists say: Jake Edmiston

Scholars say the relationship between farm prices and supermarket prices is messy and a big bump on one end doesn't always result in an equally big bump on the other

Edward Rogers' reconstituted board of directors is valid, judge rules: Barbara Shecter

Ruling is culmination of boardroom feud that has raged since September, splitting the Rogers family in the process

Turning rental properties into investment cash flow key to Ontario couple's retirement: Andrew Allentuck

'The couple is banking on appreciation to justify the extra risk, complexity and work of owning two rental properties,' expert says

Metaverse, net zero and a succession saga: What to watch on FP Video: Financial Post Staff

This videos are racking up the views

Pep talk for central bankers: don't fear the return of the bond vigilantes: Special to Financial Post

March is too soon: The Bank of Canada should use its flexibility to support the recovery as long as possible

Canada's economy adds 31,000 jobs, unemployment rate drops to 6.7%: The Canadian Press

Jobless rate falls for fifth month in a row

Posthaste: Labour shortages in this critical industry seen adding to Canadian supply chain crunch: Victoria Wells

Trucking industry execs say they're increasingly worried about filling job vacancies as demand for their services grows

Diane Francis: An interview with Bjorn Lomborg — a rare breath of fresh air in the climate debate: Diane Francis

'Environmental journalists have become PR persons for green movements and that leads us to become poor because we end up with bad decisions'

Corporate taxes: What race to the bottom?: Special to Financial Post

Except for the U.S., corporate tax has been rising as a percentage of GDP in most countries for almost 50 years

Bend it like Christine Sinclair: What Canada's policy makers could learn from women's soccer: Special to Financial Post

FP Economy essay series: Canadian soccer gold didn't 'just happen,' and sustainable economic growth won't either without a plan

The true costs of owning a vehicle: Repairs, maintenance, fuel and more all add up: Special to Financial Post

Sandra Fry: Determine what you can afford to allocate towards transportation costs and then do the math on any offer you see

Investors have been enjoying a smooth ride, but now the hard part begins: Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley: The going is getting tougher and investors need to mentally prepare for the grind ahead

The timing of the next global depression is getting closer than you think: Special to Financial Post

John De Goey: We will be in for a world of hurt as soon as government deleveraging begins

FP Answers: What effect will changing employers have on my investment strategy?: Julie Cazzin

Wilson's new job offers a lot more money, but not the same kind of pension. How will this switch affect the asset mix for his investment portfolio going forward?

Adviser fees and performance are important, but investors should dive a little deeper: Martin Pelletier

Besides asking whether your adviser does comprehensive planning or not, it’s worth asking how many client households they service

David Rosenberg: These green economy commodities are beating the best runs of the China supercycle: David Rosenberg

New index tracks performance of up and comers, including carbon credits

The power of socially responsible investing in the age of COP26: Special to Financial Post

The future of investing includes responsible investing, so you’ll need to outline your goals and priorities

OPEC refuses to step up oil supply hikes and risks bare-knuckle fight with White House: Bloomberg News

OPEC refuses to step up oil supply hikes and risks bare-knuckle fight with White

How tax literate are you? Not enough if you're like many Canadians: Jamie Golombek

Jamie Golombek: Our overly complex tax system remains obfuscatory and beyond many taxpayers’ grasp

Mark Carney's US$130 trillion climate pledge is too big to be credible: Mark Carney

US$130 trillion is not ready funds, but total assets managed by member financial institutions.

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